Hype Universe #8: Quality Motion Delivered

We're closing out this (traumatic, weird, awful) year with another rich email full of inspiring projects, games & tutorials to inspire you to create great things with Hype. Through these last nine months of the COVID-19 crisis, we're grateful to feel connected to you and your creative energies.

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Animations we Love

  • Alex Oleole @laboletory shared a beautifully-animated website for a record label that leads with a fun drum kit elephant. Learn more about Setaboutmusic.com and visit the site.
  • José Alejandro Silva Ruiz @DrPopet is back with another addicting one-button game called Play Toggle.
  • Sometimes we hear from users who have been quietly building a massive portfolio of Hype Projects. Please enjoy a this quality collection of mobile games at 'Lingrets' by Joohyeon Jin @nextoilet, available on the web and for Android.

Tis the Season to Spread Cheer with Hype


Integrations & Advanced Techniques


The HTTP Archive's "Annual state of the web report"

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