Adform Export Script

Dear fellow Hypers
I created an export script for Standard HTML Ads to Adform Studio.

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 9.17.34 AM

Lets you define clickTAG URL, Event Name, Title, Description & Version Number directly inside Hype. Automatically generates the code for clickTAG and for including the Adform DHTML Library as well as the required manifest.json file – zipped and ready for upload.

Note that the title attribute gets copied automatically from the title tag of the html page. If you use multiple scenes for multiple ads you can simply set each scene name or change the "HTML Page Title" attribute in the "Document" tab to what you want the title to be.

Get it here:

Apple notarized flat package installer – works for all versions of Hype (including beta).

If you have additional feature requests (like e.g. additional event tracking) let me know here on the forums.



Looks great! The script/packaging all appears well done. We've definitely seen requests for better Adform support so I'm glad to see this fill that role.


Hi Raphael,

just downloaded your package. Works great if you only have one clickTAG.

I just found out on how to add multiple clickTAGs:

just add a custom javascript onClick of an element containing the following line:'clickTAG2', ''), dhtml.getVar('landingPageTarget', '_blank'));

Where each new clickTAG gets a higher number like clickTAG3 and so on.

Then i export using your script, upload to adform. In Ad Settings i just add new clickTAGs manually below the given clickTAG.

Easy peasy. Thanks for your export script!

Thanks in advance.

Hi Tomi

Thanks for your purchase and question:

The current script only allows for 1 single exit.
I am working on a V2 Version of the script that will allow for multiple exits and other advanced functionality. You will get it as an automatic update for free when it’s released but it will still take a while until it’s ready for release.

In the meantime you can still use the script and add the second exit manually. I made you an example of how to do this:

  1. Add the first Exit using the standard script functionality

  2. Add a “Run Javascript…” function to the second exit and paste in the code form my example (replacing the values as you like)

  3. After exporting, manually add both the event and clickTAG URL to the generated manifest.json file (see my example)

  4. Zip and upload

Let me know if this works for youor if you need any further help with it.


Hi Raphael,

thanks for your quick reply and your solution (fixed it myself as you can see in my edited post. :slight_smile:)

I very much appreciate youre working on an advanced version of your export script since im doing very much with adform. Thumbs up!


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