Hype 3.6.1 Error: "The Animated GIF could not be written."

This is promising…

Nope @MarkHunte, I just did a fresh OS X installation reinstalled the software and opened my old Hype file I saved on my backup hard drive and its working as I write this reply still.

However, if any other issues arise I’ll get in touch with you @Daniel via support e-mail.

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Did you upgrade to Sierra or reinstall something older than 10.12?

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Hi Daniel

Just looked at that actually and I have OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6 installed. I’m just completing what I need to get done first then I’ll install Sierra and try it out, but if it doesn’t work then I guess its a OS X issue to nail it down.

I’m having the same issue with both animated gif and png. Running OS 10.9

I’m on the latest macOS Sierra 10.12.3 and I have NO PROBLEMS with this.

Maybe you should update :slight_smile:

I would but, Adobe C$4 apps would need to be updated. Holding off as long as possible.

I am on Sierra no issue with the export here.
Here is the animated gif and the png animation and Hype file.

testgif.zip (45.6 KB)

I wish that gif was broken…:scream:


keep staring at it and you are getting sleeeeeeepy :wink:
Or you want to hurl :wink:

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So, has this been determined to be a MacOS pre-Sierra issue?

I guess yes. Eventually you can install macOS onto for example Parallels Desktop or Virtual Box (Free). If you don’t want to update for any reasons :slight_smile:

I have only seen it occur on 10.9.5 (Mavericks)

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If you continue to hit this issue, please send us a System Profile – here’s a quick video showing how: Reporting a bug within Hype

I have same problem. have sent report to Hype but heard nothing back
Exporting Gif capabilities was one of the main reason I opted for Hype -

Hey Dan, can you check your spam folder? Emailed you 3 days ago. Getting a system report would be great (I did receive your bug report, thanks!)


I ran into same problem. Moving file from server to local disk (desktop) helped.
BTW. Is there a way to export scenes other than first?


Hello Hypers,

Since Updating to the newest Version i get the following Bug when trying to export my animations as gif’s…

Just FYI

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Sorry you’re hitting this! So far it seems to occur in 10.9.5 and sometimes in El Capitan. If you are able to upgrade to Sierra I recommend it. We’re still investigating…

I’m having the same issue with both animated gif and png. Running OS 10.10.5