Hype 3.6.1 Error: "The Animated GIF could not be written."

(David Shantz) #42

Same bug, same OS - Yosemite 10.10.5 - somewhat hesitant to upgrade the OS - it can impact so many other slightly older applications… I’m still on day 23 of trial version - fully intend to upgrade - great software , and it seems this problem is solvable…

I removed the transparency, took out the timeline actions that were based on interactions… simplified to just a simple SVG animated - hoping to convert to animated GIF or PNG

(dario benedetti) #43

Hi, will you fix it? For the moment I do not wish to upgrade to the Sierra, Yosemite currently have installed … I think also, after the 3.6.1 update the program is slower to open and less reactive in operations … I hope will resolve … I was very happy with how it worked … Thanks

(Marty Linson) #44

My issue was resolved upgrading to Sierra.

(Pedro Taquelim) #45

Any news on this issue?
I’m learning Hype and one of my main interests was animated gifs.
I also cannot upgrade to Sierra as I have an older iMac with El Capitan.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #46

Make sure you are on Hype 3.6.3, this resolves most issues with writing animated GIFs/PNGs.

There is still a remaining issue where a few machines cannot create Animated PNGs (GIFs are fine). We’re working on a fix. Until then, the recommended step is to export as a PNG sequence, and then use the command line tool apngasm (which can be installed via homebrew).

(Pedro Taquelim) #47

Thanks for the reply jonathan.

Yes, I’m on Hype 3.6.3 and still It says theres an error and the animated GIF could not be written. Also, the same happens to animated PNGs.

I’m on an iMac (24", early 2009), OS X El Capitan 10.11.6
2,66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
8 GB memory
NVIDIA GeForce 9400 256 MB


@pedrotaquelim @jonathan

I have the identical set-up. The animated GIFs work; the PNGs do not.

(Nelson Swartz) #49

I just purchased 3.6.3 pro today and created an animation but what do you know, the program will create regular agifs but I get the same error as shown above for animated png. This has been a problem for over 6 months and has not been fixed. What gives? Is this no longer a supported product?
Running 10.10.5 which can no longer be updated on this machine.


Have a look at the posts and you will see it’s still supported.:slight_smile:

I’ll refer you to this post (posted 16 days ago) by @jonathan.

As you can see, he’s working on a fix for machines that cannot create the APNGs. As suggested “export as a PNG sequence” and then use the tool to create an APNG. If command line is not your bag then you can use an online version (that uses the same tool) which make it easier.

(Nelson Swartz) #51

Thanks Jonathan. Good to know it is being worked on but surprised it appears to be a thorny OS X issue.

(David) #52

Yup. No APNG export for me but gif DID work… hmm.

Updated to 10.12.5 after issues arose. Still not working.
iMac 2009 quad core i7 maxed ram.
Hype 3.6.3

I’ll send crash file ASAP

(Rick) #53

This may or may not be related or helpful so my apologies in advance if it’s unhelpful, but has anyone here with trouble tried doing a OS X combo update and see if that fixed the problem?

More then a year ago I bought a refurbished 12-core MacPro where I moved all my stuff to from an older 6-core running X.9.5. Everything seemed smoothly till I noticed some things didn’t work like preview crashed all the time, ScreenSnapz Pro wouldn’t launch anymore and more things that where “off”.

After doing everything I could think of to troubleshoot, from (re)moving RAM, Zapping PRAM to buying and running Disk Warrior I called in help. Long story short, I was told that my use of apps that clean up your Mac like Cocktail and MacCleaner also removed some files my computer needs which might be fixed if I did a clean install of X.9.5
In the end for me a combo update fixed the issues I was having.

Since the problems with creating Gif’s is not something the majority of users experience, it might be that something Hype needs to create these gifs is no longer onboard your OS, which a combo update might fix.

I’m just wildly guessing here but it may be worth a shot?

(Andrés Martin) #54

So this is an issue …still!

(Pieter Erasmus) #55

I Just paid $99 for Hype Pro and it wont export to gif, I have project deadlines and need urgent help.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #56

Please feel free to send your document to support@tumult.com and we can take a look.


  • animated GIFs can sometimes take a long time to export
  • Please make sure you are on Hype 3.6.7
  • You can try the v3.5 method of GIF creation by quitting Hype, entering the below command into /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app, and relaunching trying the export again:
    defaults write com.tumult.Hype2 AnimatedGIFEngine Apple
    to go back to the standard behavior, use:
    defaults delete com.tumult.Hype2 AnimatedGIFEngine