How do I Save my Hype Project to be optimized for Google Ads?

Hi Guys,

My name is Marlon and Im a Graphic Designer. Im new to Hype and I’m still learning a few things.

Im currently using HYPE PRO, Version 3.6.5 (590) Professional Edition

So far the experience has been great! I made some Google Ads using Hype, with a few simple animations and motion Tweens in them, elements fading and etc.

Now comes the time to export them. I exported them as Gifs, with the intention to upload them to Google.

However, Google says that:

  1. The Files must be under 150 Kbs

  2. Any Gifs must have a minimum of 5 frames per second.

Can anyone help me? What can I do within HYPE to meet these requirements in my artwork?


Hey Marlon, Welcome!

I recommend starting here:

It really depends which of the Google Ad networks you’re trying to deploy your ads to. There are different networks linked from that post, but you can also search for the network here on the forums. I don’t recommend uploading GIFs – you can use regular HTML on Google’s ad networks.