Free Hype Templates


Now that “A Book About Hype” is complete, I’ve been wondering what should be my next big project. While I’m figuring that out, I decided to post some free Hype templates. The idea is to release once a week on Tuesdays. The first one is already available and the next one is automatically set to launch next week. Here’s a link to the first one…

I’ve been seeing some people have trouble working with sounds, so the first template is a very basic example of adding a sound effect to a project. Next week’s example is more advanced and a lot cuter.

If you like idea of free Hype Templates, and you want to see more of them, liking this post is a good way to show encouragement.

To keep track of the templates, you can use the Photics RSS feed… …or you can use the “template” tag…

UPDATE: Now that I can edit older posts, here’s a list of the other templates…

Rotating object to face mouse pointer on mousemove
A Book About Hype (3.5+Pro) – NOW AVAILABLE! 📘
B.R.O.O.M. - Bomb Removal & Ordnance Obliterating Machine
Earth Day Forum Updates
Click on an already clicked object. How to do this?
Hype Documentation
Scoring a game for beginners
Trigger animation using bluetooth clicker
A Book About Hype (3.5+Pro) – NOW AVAILABLE! 📘
Language specific starting scene?
(Freelancer) #2

@Photics Nice idea!, I’m doing the same thing.

which kind of templates? for beginners or advanced users?
My goal is to cover the new user.


Well, I don’t want to limit myself, but I think the templates will likely be somewhat advanced. Next week’s template uses JavaScript and Math, so that’s clearly an advanced template.

(Mark Hunte) #4

:grimacing: :scream: :cold_sweat:

(Peter Danckwerts) #5

Thank you, @Photics, that’s very kind of you. I need all the help I can get!

(Michael) #6

A library of UI widgets with controls would be nice.

(giubbe) #7

Great idea @Photics and all : lessons to learn.
One desire: commented code.

Thank you


This week’s example doesn’t use any additional code. Next week’s example is commented. Although, that includes “AHHHH MATH!”, which probably isn’t a terribly helpful comment. Ha ha.

There is a comment section on each tutorial page. There’s also this thread. So, if people don’t understand something, those are two great spots to ask questions.

I already started work on the Groundhog’s Day example. :smiley:

(strmiska) #9

a collision script, based only on the new getter/setter API would be very useful for me :eyeglasses: :relaxed:


This post didn’t help?

Collision detection is important. It’s basically why this thread has gone on so long. I’m tempted to just add my own collision detection code, but then Tumult could just turn around and make collision detection a core function. Since I have so much to work on already, I’m just waiting to see what @jonathan does. HA!

(Freelancer) #11

It is becoming a list of demands as the Feature request of Hype :slight_smile:


There’s a blizzard about to hit my area. So, it’s a good development weekend. The next two templates are already queued up.

** Update 1/26/2016 ** - The second free Hype template is now available.


Wow, only three clicks for this week’s link? :top:

…but it’s so cute!

(Freelancer) #14

the squinting eye is too cool


Thanks for the new template! Love it :sunglasses:


OK, unless there’s a massive surge in interest this week, the final free template of the series will be released on February 2, 2016. I think I’m going to try and make some games / apps.


It’s Groundhog’s Day, so in between watching what happens with Punxsutawney Phil or Staten Island Chuck, you can relive the randomize accuracy with your own Groundhog simulator…

(Peter Danckwerts) #18

That would be a pity. Perhaps not enough people know about it yet.


I decided to create another free Hype template…

It has a Valentine’s Day theme, as this Sunday is February 14.

I also did some cleanup on my website this weekend. I setup page caching, so the templates should load almost instantaneously. You know, for all the massive traffic generated by the templates. HA HA. :smile:

(Freelancer) #20

Nice gift for lovers :slight_smile: