A Book About Hype (3.5+Pro) 📘

A Book About Hype is no longer available at the iTunes Book store. It’s still available at FastSpring though.

How come?

I prefer FastSpring.

It seems like Apple is going in the wrong direction. I don’t feel appreciated as a content creator / developer. The iTunes Connect website is not very good and the app is worse. It makes it difficult to quickly see sales figures. Also, now that the book is a year old, there aren’t that many sales. Meanwhile, FastSpring doesn’t annoy me about sales tax changes in Japan or New Zealand. They just do their job.

Surely you must have noticed the difference between FastSpring and iTunes.

Hype is awesome software. I probably could make lots of great games and apps with it, but then I think about distribution. I think about the App Store. I just don’t like jumping through those hoops anymore. It’s a horrible environment.

A good example is Nintendo’s Super Mario Run. I recently received a survey about the game. Apparently, they were trying to figure out what went wrong. There were a lot of downloads, but less than expected in-app purchases. Part of the problem is that a lot of people are used to cheap games. I didn’t get it because it felt too big-brother to me. Why do I need an always-on Internet connection?

So, if Nintendo couldn’t get it right – even with direct help from Apple – it shows the toxicity of the walled garden.

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In the code you pasted their are double quotes surrounding it. Could this be the problem?

I hear you. I have no plans to remove Hype from the App Store given it still represents a healthy number of sales and is a good channel to find the app, but it has not been without frustrations.

It’s been a while since I worked on B.R.O.O.M., but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just a problem with curly quotes. I was able to get the code to work. The problem is that it’s not so easy for people to cut-and-paste the code from the book to their Hype project.

I’m still thinking about this problem, but I haven’t figured out a solution that I’m comfortable with. It’s unfortunate that I haven’t been able to solve this problem, but there are lots of free Hype templates now available.

For an app like Hype – currently a Mac exclusive app – the Mac App Store makes sense. Also, the Mac App Store is not as crowded, so a great app can be competitive there. But if Hype ever does go multiplatform, that’s when FastSpring makes more sense.

Probably not the end of the world, but I got this message from FastSpring…

We wanted to give you a head’s up about some planned release maintenance which will cause cause Springboard, Dashboard, and all stores to be offline for the following time period:

Saturday, February 4, 8:00-9:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

This maintenance will help provide better delivery of enhanced features and functionality in future releases. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you from the team at FastSpring!

Since Tumult uses FastSpring too, I figure it’s a good idea to let the community know.

If you’re trying to order the book (or Hype itself) during this time, the site will be down for maintenance. Meanwhile, I’ll probably be sleeping. :sleeping:


There’s a bajillion comments to scroll through. Sorry if I’m repeating. Is this available as an upgrade or as a new / separate purchase?

The book is available at FastSpring. The link to FastSpring is on the official “A Book About Hype” page. I can’t edit the first post in this thread, so it seems a lot of people have been confused.

My question was not about availability, but about whether we have to buy the book a second time or if there is an updater.

The book covers Hype 3.5. There are no further update planned for this book. I have been considering the creation of a new book for version 4.0 of Hype. I’m not sure when / if that will launch though.

I thought your announcement was for a revised edition. My bad.

I really want and kinda need this book now but it’s not available in Canada. I’m very disappointed. :frowning:

The book should be available in Canada. I checked the country charts…

Canada was on the list. If you’re having trouble, maybe contact them. They have a phone number listed on this page… https://fastspring.com/contact/ …using a different payment method might work too. I don’t know what looks like in Canada, but on the ordering page for the United States I see Paypal, Amazon, Check / Money Order and major credit cards.

Oh! i didn’t see it available in ibooks in Canada and i thought that the website ordering was for a paper copy that i’d have to wait for in the mail. I just returned to the Photics page and see that the very first thing at the top of the page says “digital downloads”. Thanks! I’m going to order it now :slight_smile:

– i just ordered it. The best $20.78 i’ve spent in a long time! lol Darn exchange rate and tax here but still a good price. –

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Here’s an update about ordering the book. I’ve gotten a lot of emails about the following problem.

Some of you might be thinking…

hmmm, who is this guy? Why should I buy a copy of his book? :thinking:

That’s a reasonable thing to ponder. It’s good to be a smart shopper. So what do you do? Here’s a typical next step…

Oh, there’s a sample of the book on the official website. Perhaps I should get that first.

You read the sample and then you check out the ordering page. It seems legit! You’re convinced to buy the book. Great! So where’s the problem? The problem is there was some confusion between the sample copy and the full version of the book. They both had the same cover. People would buy the book, but then wonder where it was on their computer. Even after clicking the download link from FastSpring, the full version of the book would not open as expected.

To help prevent this problem from happening in the future, I updated the sample (located at Photics.com) to include a red bar across the top of the cover.

Now it’s a lot easier to tell the difference between the two copies. Once you have the full version, the sample version shouldn’t be necessary. In iBooks, simply “right-click” or “control + click” the sample book to select the “Delete” option. (On iOS, use the “Select” and then “Delete” option to remove the sample copy.)


For those of you that were trying to order “A Book About Hype” in the last ~2 weeks, the book is back online again.

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Hi @Daniel and @jonathan – On the tutorials page… http://tumult.com/hype/tutorials/ …there’s a link for “A Book About Hype” in iTunes. It’s not available there anymore though. The link is… https://photics.com/hype-book …and I mention this because it may be causing confusion to people looking for the book.

If you’re having trouble cutting-and-pasting code from the book, this thread might be helpful… 🎯 Zap Gremlins – Cutting and Pasting code from A Book About Hype

Also, for those following along, this thread… 📊 [POLL] Hype 4 Guide – Book vs Video …might be interesting to you. I’ve been thinking about what to do when Hype 4.0 launches. That thread is to see if people are interested in videos.

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@Daniel fixed the link.

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Hi Michael Its been a long time since I’ve been active in this forum… and with hype for that matter. I picked up a copy of you book and an super excited to learn as much as i can from it. So far i find myself completely lost with the " Bouncing Ball " exercise and honestly really puzzled and starting to get discouraged. Hopefully you can shed some light on what i might be missing. Also love the Project files on your site!