Feature requests upon friendly web page building for NON software coding background


Why so manny people like Hype? even software engineers.


I complete all of pages on website by Hype with NON software coding technical background.

I believe most of users of HYPE are not software engineers, but animation creative & GUI designers, and website page designers with NON software technical background, and we can work without one line coding, and I think this is just the much advantages of HYPE, I mean for NON coding background peoples. and I think the reason why so manny people like Hype is that it is a creative tool but NOT coding compiler tool.

Here are some feature requests upon webpage building, and I know there are already some code snippets on this official forum, but I still think it would be much much great if these features should be Hype DESIGNED-IN (or build-in) features:

1# Support to set an element Animation at fixed Y-position with Cross-Purpose ONLY by input a number.

Here is a great example:

and here is a example from apple mac:

The reason why this feature is so much important for webpage designers, is that the animations are usually in a one full screen page with limited area, there is no need to set some element at fixed Y-postion.

But if the work is in webpage, that scene might be a very long Scene with quite height.
So, It would much important to EASILY set an element animation at at a fixed Y-position, because the webpages are always need to scroll up and down.

So, it would much great if there is place to input a number as variable under Element Inspector.

This feature will be quite useful in lots of situation, like fixed menu, float bar, parallax effect, and CROSS or MULTIPLE PURPOSE.

2# Scroll timeline and scroll video

It is great way to present content by showing different information with more than one dimension at same time by scroll several different timeline.

Yes, I know there are some JS code support, but I am talking about how to friendly webpage design.

3# Stick element at a fixed Y-postion.

4# Align

Align is the most used feature. I know there is layout grid tool, but I think it would be much more great if there is visual tool under Element Inspector.

Furthermore, If there are lots of elements, what should be the object of reference to be align? one of element or a scene?

Here is reference from Adobe illustrator, Stecth or Pixelmator:

#5 set a single or a group of elements to be full height page.

In any tradition webpage composer, it is really easy to achieve this purpose:

In Hype, it is very difficult to achieve it IF the page content are more than one full screen.


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I understand where you are coming from. I think rather then bloating the runtime, the GUI should be truly extendable. Putting specialized behavior in plugins that offer their own settings GUI. Replacing “waypoints” with something more modern and powerful (like IntersectionObserver) would also be nice, though. Either way scrolling actions and animations are very modern and certainly therefore desirable whatever the path.

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Thanks for your idea.

I do not know exactly the meaning of runtime:).

The way by plugins are acceptable, actually I think anyway to approach these features will be ok.

I am not software technical background, so these features are from my experience.

Hype is great, just like Pixelmator and Sketch, and I believe these features will be much more friendly for webpage bulding.


Thanks for the requests! One question:

Can you elaborate on how this is different than request #1? Thanks!

Hello @jonathan

The #3 feature s the basic feature, it might be simply used to create a stick menu, or an always floating bar, or a fixed image at a specific Y-position.

Here is an example, and you will note that the menu will be fixed when the page is scroll up and down:

But, the #1 feature might be used for Cross-purose, the fixed elements might be only appear and fixed at that position on some conditions, and it might be disappear and go right or left, go down or up, zoom in or zoom out, or go with any other animation timelines.

Here are two example to show what I mean:

and the screenshots:

and here is the code example to show cross purpose:

The above example are really really quite frequently used for webpage, because the webpages are usually a long height page but not a single full height page.

I am just thinking the possibility of supporting only input the number of value and achieve this purpose, that means the related javascript code will be integrated or built-in Hype.

By the way, I added the #5 feature if possible:
set a single or a group of elements to be full height page.

I worked for webpage design for years with NON software coding experience, so I used several traditional webpage composers.

In any tradition webpage composer, it is really easy to achieve this purpose:

In Hype, it is very difficult to achieve it IF the page content are more than one full screen.

Most of webpage designers are not software engineers but creators who are good at Photoshop and Illustrator, sketch, Pixelmator, but not software coding, and they are using webpage composer tools without coding needed.

I believe the above features will great helpful to the most of webpage workers like me, and great improvement of HYPE .

It would be great if you could let me know whether we can expect these features:)



Cool, thanks for the clarification.

We don’t comment on features or release dates, sorry! :slight_smile:

Ok, I understand. thanks anyway.

There are maybe lots of features that you need take into balance or by priority.

Anyway, if it is possible, you might like take this as priority, and name it as ADVANCED feature:

**In Hype, there are maybe some build-in javascript model which are loaded from your official server, so that you can manage them dynamically or update it if needed.

At Hype user end, those javascript could be loaded from your hosted server or CDN dynamically. Just for reference.**

Thanks and have a nice day.

I am working on a integration that could solve some of the ideas in a rather simple but powerful manner. Will post it in a couple of hours a day or two (it got rather busy here)… should help with the original request.

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Oh… That would be Great.