How to draw a square vector shape with a empty circle?


I am trying to show design style as below, but I want it is empty fill in the circle, So that it could work mostly like a mask:

but I can not find a way to do that by one draw.

What I can not now, is that I have to draw TWO shape, like this one:


As to Vector drawing, there is tutorial at

and there is a description, and there is only one to show a empty in a vector shape:

‘Nonzero’ will fill the entire shape with the background fill color, gradient, or image, while ‘Even-odd’ will create transparent holes when paths overlap.

but is it possible to draw a shape with empty circle too?


there’s no pathfinder-like tool within hype.

if you search www or the forum (just a hint :wink: ) you may come up with ‘clip-path’ property.

one example: Help please: movable clip-path

as always: there’ll be other solutions around too :slight_smile:

edit: i guess you will also be able to achieve it with hypes elipse … just reposition the background :slight_smile: examples will be within the forum … i’m sure

-> and the background-clip-path <- have a look at your other threads :slight_smile: