Exporting to Double Click Studio isn't recording clicks


So I have been trying for weeks now to export some ads to be uploaded through Double Click Studio but they keep telling me that it isn’t able to record clicks. I have followed all the tutorials I can find regarding downloading the export scripts for DCS.

Is someone able to look at my file and tell me what I am doing wrong?

Please note that I was told to add some code into the head, which I have in this file. But now they are saying it has duplicated??


You’re going to want to make a new function which constant just this JavaScript code:

To make a new function you can select your rectangle, and make a new function:

46 AM

In the resulting window, insert:

function clickURLTriggered() {
  '_blank' // <- This could be _self to open in the same window.

You already have the enabler code in the <head>, so you’re good there. That should do it.

This was adapted from this guide: