Adding Clicktag to DCM banner

Hey mate!

I have an urgent problem. I need to get an entire block to work as a clicktag and not only the “home text” you added… These banners will be distributed via google and I have to get it working. It must be approved via this tool:

Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated!!

Did you try making a opaque rectangle set up as a clickable element? What specific issues are having?

The banners will be distributed by Google and the every click has to be registered by them. See this page:

I’m in a world of trouble here :confused:

As @Daniel has mentioned you can use a rectangle, the same size as the banner, with fill and border set to none and 0px respectively. And then, run an onclick action with the clicktag code on this rectangle.

  1. Install the ‘Double Click Studio’ export script:
  2. Select your element that you want to serve as your ‘exit’
  3. Select this option in the Mouse Click Action:

(Also please note that right now there’s an issue where you can’t use a CDN for Hype runtime with export scripts)


Thank you so much guys!! You saved the day!!!

I installed Double Click Studio but still got a problem Could anyone please edit my hype file and make the clicktag work (including exit). It should link here:

Top 320x320 banner then I can copy paste forCrown Student Produkt (494.9 KB)
the rest of them. I have made transparent rectangle called Clicktag box as mention above. Thank you so much!!

Hi @Rasmus

I’m away from office right now but @Daniel can you weigh in. Maybe give an insight into using the DCM export script.

To clarify the above post, you actually would want the DoubleClick Campaign Manager export script, not the DoubleClick Studio one.

For the exit to work, you need to:

  1. Open the Document Inspector and add a URL for the clickTag field in the new Export Script Arguments section.
  2. Select your “Clicktag Box” element and in the Actions Inspector add a On Mouse Click action to Exit.

Then you will export your ad via the File > Export as HTML5 > DoubleClick DCM… menu.

I thought that’s what I said “DCM”.? Also, just a side bar. Had a quick play around with the DCM export script and no matter what I did the click always went to “” and yep I put my own click tag variable in the new box that appears in the inspector. Is there something else that needs doing? Previewed with DCM selected and exported with script chosen.

Sorry to be further confusing, I was actually referring to @daniel's original:

That should be "DoubleClick Campaign Manager" instead.

I'd need to see your document; it shouldn't go to google unless that is entered. The DCM validator even shows me that it is going to the right value in my test document: (12.5 KB)

Ahh. Ok Gotcha :wink: As you replied to my post I was assuming you meant me :slight_smile:

To be even more confusing. The playing around I did was with the OP's original document and have realised since that he had some code in the innerHTML of the rectangle that was setting the clickTag variable to So,

that being said. @Rasmus here is a copy of that document, edited. I have remove the innerHTML code and added the steps that @jonathan mentioned above. adding the URL to the "Document Inspector"

and then on Mouse Click of the Rectangle Element assigned the "Exit" action under DoubleCLick DCM. (510.0 KB)

Oh, I had missed that the original had Inner HTML like this.

For @Rasmus - please note that the reason the clickTag code you originally had didn't validate correctly is that inner html values are stored in Hype's exported JSON data; the google validator requires this to be plain text at the top of a .html file. The DoubleClick Campaign Manager export script places this as it needs to be.

I am following with a similar need, I have installed both DCM and DCS and do not get export script arguments in doc inspector nor DoubleClick DCM in export as HTML5 menu?

Any help would also be appreciated.

Are you running Tumult Hype 3.6 Pro? Do you see any scripts in Hype > Preferences > Exporting? When you click ‘Show export scripts Folder in Finder’ do you see anything in there?

I realized I probably need pro which I will purchase now.

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Sorry if the topic is old, but it fits exactly my issue.

I’m in this same situation creating my first ad campaign in Hype Pro. I created a rectangle on top of my scene with no fill and 0px border, and pasted the target URL in the document inspector, also added the action “exit” for DoubleclickDCM. But in the preview the banner is not working: It is not clickable, you are not being taken to any URL. It just plays.

Also, the export creates a folder named that is not an actual .zip file but a folder with that name. What I’m doing wrong? Or is the export mechanism not working well? I downloaded and reinstalled again the script but problem remains. Fixed this export problem chaging the name of the zip file; instead of “Mercadillos navideños v1” used “Mercadillos” and it worked. (?)


Edit: Guess what, it started working in the preview going to the actual site. Sad thing, I don’t know what did I do to fix it.