Export options for HTML5 banners

Hello everyone.
I recently changed from PC to Mac, and at the same time from Adobe Edge to Tumult Hype.
I design HTML5 banners, and I have a few questions:

  1. is it possible to make the html file "index.html" instead of .html from the start?
  2. is it possible not to include the "blank.gif", "PIE.htc" and "restorable.plist" files when exporting?
  3. at one point in the html file a similar line is generated:
    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="project.hyperesources/project_hype_generated_script.js?37534"></script>

Notice the "?37534" at the end. When trying to validate the banner on Google's AdWords validator ( HTML5 Validator ), it throws an error:

Missing asset check

Make sure the filenames of all files in your .ZIP file are exactly the same as the name listed in the reference file.

For example, if one of the files in your .ZIP file is called path/to/example/asset, but in your HTML file you reference path/to/example/asset2, AdWords will not be able to to find the correct file.

To fix the issue, compare the filename listed above with every file in your HTML5 code. If it is not exactly the same, correct the reference.

More details:

  • INVALID_URL_REFERENCE: project.hyperesources/project_hype_generated_script.js?37534

Not sure if this is just a bug in the validator or not, as the banner works anyway, but wanted to ask why that number is there, what does it do, as the banner works even when deleting the "?37534" from the end, and that way the validator is happy as well.

TY in advance!

Welcome to Hype!

Here's best practices for Adwords:

It handles all the issues you outlined above. Note that you don't need to include anything in the 'head' html area -- you can simply export as Adwords and the entire ad will be clickable to the defined exit URL (in the Adwords interface, not in Hype).

Thank you for the swift reply!
Do I need the Pro version for this to work? As I installed the export script, but no File > Export as HTML5 > Adwords option added.

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Yup, the Export Scripts are a Pro feature.

Worth it!
Thank you Daniel.