Dropbox discontinuing HTML rendering / Public Folder

I know it is not as convenient as Dropbox, but we use AWS S3 for reviewing, you will need to Make Folder Public every time you export a new scene to preview, but it works!

Maybe the guys at Hype should make AWS S3 review a feature in future releases. :slight_smile:

So… if you were planning on large bandwidth being used to access an interactive element designed in Hype, then… time to move somewhere else?

I dropped Dropbox (clever use of phraseology huh?) about two years ago when they “upgraded” their security. It made the whole process harder. I have been with Machighway, a very good hosting company for 5 years, it becomes second nature, no brainer, to upload site pages once you get past the small learning curve that you will find with any web hosting company. They have very good tech support (found that to be non existent with Dropbox) and have lots of related services. My account is a Medium sized one and it runs me $10 per month.


I'll throw in my vote for Nearly Free Speech. For static content, it is very cheap.

And also Github Pages:


I use ExpanDrive to mount my FTP as a folder. Set it to launch on start up. Then work out of a folder and it syncs to the FTP just like dropbox.

Once its all set up… In Hype, export HTML to your folder. Then go to your URL and bam! It’s there.


For what it’s worth, I’ve put together a quick tutorial on how to host your Tumult Hype Projects for free on GitHub. While there are a lot of tutorials out there on GitHub in general, I put this together specifically for Tumult Hype users. The video is at:

while the written summary can be found here:


Huh. It had not once occurred to me that GitHub was even an option. Nice, this.

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Thanks for putting this together, @darren_pearson !

Thanks so much Darren. Being new to github I never figured this out. The video and written summary were excellent.

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Thanks! Always love the feedback

i heard dropbox make public folder as normal folder…
so in new hype 3.6.x export to dropbox are gone…

but in my case… i still using hype 3.5 … and i export my works to dropbox as usual, it just still works for me… since hype always export to dropbox>Apps>hype>exports>(project folder name)

don’t forget to “copy link” after it done uploading

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@rico Ditto here.

I’ve created a second tutorial on how to use GitHub pages instead of dropbox.com. This one uses the GitHub Desktop instead of the Terminal interface, so some people might find it a little easier if they are comfortable with a command line interface. Please check it out at:


Nice tutorial! I just tweeted out the video so hopefully more folks will check it out.

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Very frustrated, bummed. Spent veey long time trying to do something new by building a magazine on Tumult’s timeline.
Deep into the project, new version became incompstible with my Yosemite osx.
I powered thru with sheer will, when changing a comma to a period can take minutes to render.
Then, near to launch, no more Dropbox upload option for final design edits.
I have a pro account, and really feel Dropbox needs to take better care of loyal users.
*At the very least, provide workable previous versions for older Macs.

  • And help us with a solution for uploading now.
    The years of work are looking like a wrong choice, and tho’ the reports we read indicate TH didn’t see thus coming, some indication must have been there. It’s like still paying for cable when neither the box or provider work.
    Seriously? Please provide prompt response.

I’ve been using Hype for … oh golly, since version 1.0. I’ve never seen it flat-out incompatible with any OSX. What ‘changing a comma to a period’ has to do with anything at all is utterly beyond my capacity to grasp.

Dropbox’s decision is completely beyond the control of Tumult. Dropbox owns their servers and their bandwidth. How they choose to use their servers and their bandwidth is their decision, not anyone else’s.

The discontinuing of HTML rendering by Dropbox was announced six months ago now, so it’s not exactly breaking news any more. That you didn’t take measures, in September of 2016, to factor in the repercussions of a decision that was utterly beyond Tumult’s ability to control is the fault neither of Tumult, nor of Dropbox.

There are myriad relatively inexpensive FTP apps (such as Flow) or, of course, the free built-in FTP program available in the OSX terminal window, that can provide you with fast, reliable file transfer service to any test folder you care to name in any web server you own or have administrative access to. It doesn’t take even half a day to set something like that up, let alone half a year.

I understand you’re frustrated, but the source of your frustrations is not owned by anyone at Tumult, and is only somewhat nominally owned by Dropbox.


I understand the frustration

Hype edits the project also if you don't edit contents.
This mean that is a good thing if you save more than one verison of your work. Hype works in this way and the software development is linked to the Appstore and the most recent version of OSX.

in all my important works I made a backup also of the software to avoid problems and every time I must open an old prokect I edit a copy. Another good solution is the template instead the project for the backup.

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Can you better describe the problem you are encountering? Tumult Hype is compatible on 10.8+ and later, and we haven't dropped support. The only known issue that was a recent regression for was in exporting Animated GIFs and we are working to get a release out soon to address this (Workarounds here).

As for Dropbox, we are also deeply saddened by this, as we considered it the quickest way for users to get content online. It is a reality of relying on 3rd party services that some will get shut down. Hype had Dropbox upload since v1.0 and 6 years was a pretty good run. The removal of this feature has been known and communicated long in advance by Dropbox to their users. We talked with them about it as well, and I believe this in part kept it operational longer than they had planned.

As for uploading, there are many different solutions. Free ones would be GitHub pages (which @darren_pearson kindly made video tutorials for) and NeoCities is another option. There are cheap hosts like NearlyFreeSpeech and many other web hosts available. We have long had video tutorials on uploading via FTP.


Pro User here.
Can someone kindly provide step-by-step instructions for uploading a Hype site to MacHighway?
I am having trouble transferring an updated index. file to Machighway using Cyberduck, (with files including most recent/updated changes to content.)
Since Dropbox not longer supports us, my changes don’t register in my Dropbox index file, correct?
If anyone is using MacHighway to host their site, if you have ideas, it would be most appreciated.