Is there a roadmap for Hype 4?

Hi there,

Is there a roadmap for Hype for business users?

  • Perhaps a business/enterprise subscription add-on that gives easy auto-publishing capability (with privacy control, cdn, and integrated analytics)
  • Also, 3rd party connections for Getty, iStock, and icon libraries for quick import and designing
  • Documented best practice process/workflow for multiple users
  • Easier process for adding fonts

It's just a cartoon drawing, with a rainbow colored sky, a golden road, and the word "Awesome" shimmering in the distance.

Heh, seriously, Hype 4 is awesome. I was super critical. Tumult went back to work. Now it's awesome. There's a private beta. If you can't wait for the official Hype 4 release, maybe try to get in.

Meanwhile, the new features are well known...

...or maybe not. The video wasn't so easy to find. Apparently, there are other "Tumult" videos on YouTube. HA HA. :smile:

Sorry, we don't supply a specific roadmap or make promises on features/release dates!

But we do love gathering feedback and may re-prioritize based on needs. Specifically I'd love to hear more about your needs on this point:

Can you elaborate on how you use Hype and what you're trying to do? If the discussion needs to be kept private please feel free to email my first name and we can chat further.

We definitely want to improve this generally, but I'm also curious if you use fonts from specific services or if you mean to be more easily able to add in web font files. (We had support for Monotype but they are shutting down their service...)

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Maybe unrelated and unnecessary to mention at this point. Looking at Hype 4 beta and how it has evolved since the 2017 keynote to what it is today is just remarkable. The features that It has now are so well refined and it makes for an awesome app, one that I cannot wait for an official release.


Sorry, we don’t supply a specific roadmap or make promises on features/release dates!

Uhm... Oops?

Ok back to work!

Hi Jonathan,

I’ve worked with my team to several produce interactive and animation-based web experiences that we use for our company’s marketing purposes and also for our clients.

Here are some newer examples created in Hype for our company’s marketing purposes:

We’ve also demoed (a very expensive interactive design platform) which focuses on the designer’s “ease of use.” Here’s an example of a piece we created in that platform. (I would say that the piece was just as create-able inside Hype. The Ceros platform also wasn’t as robust in design flexibility/capability as Hype. However, it had some pretty good backend features that identified areas that we have challenges in or spin our wheels a lot in.)

Now, that leads us into some deeper insight into our design/programming challenges:

Hosting content:
We often need to create the interactive experiences and go through a laborious process of exporting the content and uploading it to a server (usually a Drupal or SharePoint site) and then testing across browsers. Lots of back and forth with exporting and uploading. If we can click “Upload to Tumult” and have a web link that we can share with internal proofers and clients (for review purposes) that would be a huge time saver. Also, if we can get the embed code from there and leverage it, that would simplify “posting” experiences greatly! Ultimately, if we can make a quick change and click publish, the experience auto-refreshes on the next page load for any site that embeds the content. Add the option of domain-level privacy so the share link can only be experienced by authorized websites.

We always integrate Google Analytics into the experiences, but it can be done a so many ways and it requires a technical mindset to setup properly. We then need to spend time and test that the analytics are working. So, having an easy “built-in” way to identify pages that load, time spent on page, total percentage of page seen by the viewport/user, and objects that are clicked would be super helpful.

General support/workflow/knowledge:
Since there are always multiple ways of doing things, sometimes our designers get tripped up (should I make a symbol or another timeline) and need to lean on me to help them through a technical hurdle. If your company had a professional services support system (live chat) that our designers could lean on, that would be amazing. Or, perhaps paid training.

I hope this is helpful.

Awesome documents and thank you for the very detailed feedback! It helps a lot and I've made sure to capture it onto our feature tracker.

Specifically the analytics and hosting side we definitely know are areas that could benefit from solutions we can provide.

A couple of small notes:

Hype used to have this feature in the form of uploading to Dropbox and then making use of their public folder that could serve HTML. We'd even ask to copy the URL to the pasteboard. Sadly, Dropbox discontinued this feature and while there are alternatives, they aren't quite as integrated. I think the easiest solution nowadays is to use software that supports mounting an FTP drive as a disk or something like this droplet.

We probably don't want to get in the hosting game ourselves, but I'd love to make this easier.

We actually do have private priority support contracts with a few companies who rely on Hype. They are more of the "if something is broken we need an immediate workaround" but we might also be able to work something out for your needs. Or we could potentially run a lab that would be a mix of training/answering questions/critiquing work. Feel free to email me direct and we can discuss more. It'd be useful to know how many designers you have and an approximate gauge on how much time per day they'd be spending with Hype.

Of course I should also shout out that these forums are a great place to learn best practices or for designers to ask questions! To be frank, many folk here have knowledge that exceeds our own in the use of Hype -- we do see a lot of content, but being a developer is quite different than a user! We're also happy to answer email questions on

A policy I have only decided needs to be kept in place after letting it lapse a bit with v4 :smiley:.


Perhaps SFTP support would make this easier. :thinking:

Perhaps the WordPress plugin should be ported to Drupal. Module development is not fun though.

If you do this, maybe add Piwik / Matomo support too...

Although, I suppose a JavaScript file that's added to the project could do this automatically. Theoretically, this could even include event tracking. Maybe I should work on that.

This is interesting, as I was considering doing something more advanced than just a book for the Hype 4 launch. It's nice to see more big companies looking into Hype.

Awww... that's a nice thing to say. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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