Creating HTML5 Advertisements for Sizmek in Tumult Hype

The Sizmek Export script is the easiest way to prepare your Tumult Hype document for the Sizmek ad network.

First, install the Sizmek export script:

Select your element you wish to use for your ‘mouse click’ action and select ‘Custom Clickthrough’. Insert your intName and exit URL. (You can leave both blank).

Please note that there is no need to edit the ‘Head’ of your document while using the Export Script, so if you have any prior modifications relating to the EBloader.js file please remove them. This code will be inserted in the Export process.

Below is information on these two variables via the Sizmek glossary:

Name Type Description
intName String The name of the interaction to be tracked
clickURL (optional) String The clickthrough URL that should open. If no URL is specified, the URL that is defined in the Sizmek MDX platform for the specified interaction is used instead.

Finally, select File > Export as HTML5 > Sizmek…
You now have a zip file which can be uploaded to Sizmek.

The Export Script provides access to additional options in your action menu as well:

Name Function
User Action Counter EB.userActionCounter: "Tracks a user action custom interaction. User action counter interactions measure user action events, like clicking on a button, playing with an ad part, etc."
Automatic Event Counter EB.automaticEventCounter: "Tracks an automatic event counter custom interaction. Automatic event counter interactions measure ad timeline vents, like progress points in a video. The method receives the name of the interaction to be tracked."
Start Timer EB.startTimer: "Starts a timer to measure the duration of a custom interaction."
Stop Timer EB.stopTimer: "Stops a timer used to measure the duration of a custom interaction. To start the timer, use startTimer()."

@Daniel Did a quick test to see this in action and when adding a Custom Clickthrough and then proceeding to preview it with Sizmek checked in the “Preview using Export Script” the clickthrough doesn’t seem to fire. I’m asking as there is another post here that has a similar issue. (26.2 KB)

Anything missing?

(copied from other thread)

I’ve shot Sizmek a bug report - I can reproduce the underlying issue even with their simple HTML5 Standard Banner examples when modifying it to use a custom clickthrough. It looks like there are issues in the local preview and when previewing on MDX.

Sizmek has told me:

This is caused by the ad being tested locally. HTML5 ads needs to be uploaded in the platform in order to test it since the HTML5 API sources will be injected into the ad when loaded from the platform.

Additionally if you are on MDX and creating an ad, it must be a specific type that allows Custom Interactions, like the Polite Banner.