Sizmek - Updated Export Script guide 2019


Im trying to find out the correct way to use Hype for some Sizmek display ads and finding confusing information about how to use the export script.

Can you direct me to the latest guide on how to set this up and export correctly?

Is this the latest guide: Creating HTML5 Advertisements for Sizmek in Tumult Hype

I have the export script installed but attaching an Action > Sizmek > clickthrough does not seem to be working, is the correct way using ‘Custom Clickthrough’ now? If so what’s the purpose of the clickthrough option?

My client has bounced back a few builds saying that Sizmek is asking for a clickTag, which I did not think that network needed - until I found this : which confused me even further.

I also found a guide & template on the Sizmek site here : , is this outdated info?

I’ve basically found 3 different ways to build Sizmek ads now, has anyone got a correct working build for this network please?

Any help or clarification you guys can give would be fantastic, thanks!

I don’t daily make ads with Sizmek, and networks do tend to change all the time. But hopefully I can shed some light on the different guides and my read of it all.

Maybe if there’s someone with more Sizmek experience they can chime in with how they are currently using it?

That is the guide to use Hype’s Export Script technology to make Sizmek ads. It is what I recommend since we made the Export Script to be as automated/easy as possible, but if you have special needs you may need to manually depart and use the Sizmek guide.

  • Clickthrough will use an exit defined (I think on MDX but I have access problems now). If it isn’t defined externally to the ad, then the exit won’t work.
  • Custom Clickthrough allows you to define a URL within the ad. So this type will always work, but won’t let you make exit changes without changing the ad itself.

It would be good to get more details from your client. I don’t think a clickTag is the right way for these types of ads, in fact the documentation on that page clearly warns:

Important: This is an advanced feature and is for Standard banners only. All other banner types must adhere to our API.
This implementation does not show click interactions in our preview and will FAIL any internal QA from Sizmek and/or media. Only apply this method if you have been specifically instructed by a Sizmek representative. If you have not been advised otherwise, please refer to the traditional method of implementing a click-through with our API. For more information, see REFERENCE: Sizmek HTML5 API.

Outdated may be the wrong term as it still should work, but this guide was originally created before Hype’s Export Script technology along with the Sizmek Export script. In fact, I looked at it when creating the script. So I’d probably not use that unless there’s some rejections that make you have to go back to a manual method of constructing the sizmek-compatible ad.


Thank you so much for the clarification and help, you are awesome as usual Jonathan!

Explaining the difference between the two clickthrough types is excellent, it’s really clear to me now.

I will use your guide ( Creating HTML5 Advertisements for Sizmek in Tumult Hype ) and allocate the simple ‘clickthrough’ to a transparent shape covering the entire top layer of the ad so that they can write their own exit URL’s when they’ve uploaded the files to Sizmek.

I’ll report back later to confirm this is all working correctly.

If I could send you doughnuts I would :wink:

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While I love doughnuts, a note on if you’re able to successfully make ads with Sizmek is the best reward :smiley:.

oh man I used to work for the company that later became Sizmek. That place was a sh*tshow in terms of keeping track of what code standards were currently being used :rofl: You have my deepest sympathies!

It shows with their documentation, it’s confusing, obscure and outdated.

I can confirm that the above guide: Creating HTML5 Advertisements for Sizmek in Tumult Hype seems to have worked correctly as of April 2019.

I just used a regular ‘clickthrough’ in the Actions > Sizmek panel attached to a transparent shape layer - as the client needs to be able to repoint the ad to different URLs in the future this works great.

All seems good.


On a side-node, it looks like Sizmek is going under

or at least getting sold off for parts

[insert Nelson HA HA gif here]

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Looks like we don’t need a Sizmek export script anymore.