Creating Graded SCORM objects in Hype?

Wondering if I’m the only one who:

  • Is interested in this
  • is finding absolutely no information on how to do this! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to decide on a tool to create an interactive activity where the results of said activity (pass/fail/percentage) can be returned to an LMS as part of the SCORM integration.

Has anything ever tried and/or done this with Hype?

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Hi John,

Welcome to the Forum!

I am not familiar with your request but try a Forum search for “LMS SCORM”; in addition to your post on the subject there are (5) others. One example:

What LMS are you working with? I’m working with Moodle and I managed to embedded Hype animations in the past but never managed to embed them as SCORM packages simply because HYPE doesn’t export projects as SCORM packages. I would be interested in exploring this further.


I’m definitely interested in this.


Perhaps we will see this function in a future version of Hype? I use Hype regularly for creating course content. Scorm compliance or xAPI would be awesome and a huge selling point for hype.