Animated GIF export - how can I reduce size?


Any advice how can I decrease the GIF size while/after saving?
It is about 3MB, but customer needs animated GIF for website that is max 500kb.

When I try to use online GIF optimizers, they lower quality so bad :frowning:


I recommend opening your GIF in Photoshop, where you can adjust the color palette, resolution, and number of frames. Once you do that, you can then drag your image into a tool like Imageoptim.

Here’s a nice set of tips:

Essentially you’re balancing a few things:

  1. Resolution
  2. Frame rate
  3. Number of colors (out of a possible 256)
  4. Length of animation

Make sure you don’t have any frames that repeat – that can add a lot of additional weight.

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I’m confused. Is the solution to this question “use a different app”? I’m guessing if people have Photoshop, they won’t need to use Hype for gifs?

As of August 2017, this was my best advice. Right now, Hype has a better animated GIF export with better color optimization.

Regardless of what you export with, Imageoptim is unparalleled in its ability to squeeze additional bytes out of any image you put on the web without losing quality so I recommend dropping any exported GIF into that to try to optimize further.

You can absolutely live without Photoshop, but one thing I find myself using it for is lengthening the amount of a time a single frame appears. If you have a looping GIF where you want the final frame to stick around for an additional 5 seconds, that’s an easy change to make in Photohshop’s GIF editor view.

We also now have which is useful for quickly doing things like cropping and splicing GIFs. So I recommend using whatever tools the job requires.

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Yeah, use this...

Added link.

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