Problems with the quality of gifs

Good morning, everyone,
I’m trying to export some animations to GIF but I get a really bad quality. If I remember correctly, once it was possible to sector the quality of GIF, now I do not think it is possible (or I do not see it). How can I improve the quality of GIF?

Thank you

from what i remember

  • downsampling
  • solid background
    are the best hints …

Mhhh, where is “downsampling”?

Here’s some ideas on how to work with Gif quality: GIF export - how can I reduce size

no special control via the IDE … just make your projects size twice as final export …

But do you think it’s a weight problem? Absolutely not. I made a small green led … and its edges are all jagged, not defined. This is not a problem of weight but I think of quality. Isn’t it possible to make sure that it gets a better quality? To make small animations, what do you recommend?

you may provide a sample :slight_smile:

Ok, in the examples that I had realized yesterday the poor quality was more visible. I gave you another quick example. If you look closely, on some colours 8green), the contours of the Led seem to “fry”. Once upon a time you could intervene dictating the colors or other options. On our beautiful software I believe that you can not do anything and passively accept what pulls out as animation in gif. Okay, the problem here you notice little but in some animations this disturbance on the outline is greater …


I have insert a new animation where the problem is more visible…


Hype has never had specific options for controlling the output of GIFs beyond what is found in the current export dialog.

GIFs, with their highly limited color palette and single transparency bit are hard to make look right in a general way. Software like ImageMagick (which Hype v3.6+ uses under-the-hood) have a plethora of their own options that can be configured. Setting these up is really more of an art than a science based on the content of your GIF. If you need a high degree of configurability, you can probably instead export as a PNG Sequence and then use other software to determine the best settings.

That said, in Hype 3.5 and prior, Hype used Apple's GIF export instead of ImageMagick's. Overall we found the ImageMagick engine typically produces better results and lower sizes, but this is content dependent and not always the case. If you want to see what Apple's engine can provide, there is a hidden preference that can be activated in the terminal:

defaults write com.tumult.Hype4 AnimatedGIFEngine Apple

To change back to the default, use this command:

defaults delete com.tumult.Hype4 AnimatedGIFEngine
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Thank you very much. I don’t see any better GIFS. I’ll try to realize animation in another way. Thank you very much for your support!

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I’ll also note that if you don’t need transparency (if that’s what you can call what GIF provides :rofl:) , a .mp4 export will probably be smaller and look much better. Most sites that accept animated GIFs in fact are vending mp4s instead nowadays!

Woo hoo!