A Book About Hype (3.5+Pro) 📘


Hey @tofolux @theron_hp @south @brij – Good News!

A Book About Hype” is now available at FastSpring. (Tumult uses this service too. They use it as an alternative to iTunes.)

I really like FastSpring. I even like how they stepped up with the matter of Japanese Consumption Tax. They “assume the obligations to comply with these taxation requirements”, which is really nice.

It’s nice to see the Tumult logo on their homepage too. Hopefully this news makes a lot of people happy.


Perfect! Thanks, have bought my copy off FastSpring now :wink:


Thanks for remembering us Michael!
Just bought & downloaded my copy now, look forward to reading it.

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Generally the people who come to this forum are civil to each other.
This ensures that this site remains helpful and people looking for help, maybe like yourself will get it from the community when they most need it.

Therefore how much help you get when you do have an issue is in the end up to you.

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Ha, I didn’t know about this :blush:. Glad you went with them; very good way to handle payments and their customer service is top notch.


Heh, how does that work? They just added your logo to their homepage without even telling you?

That reminds me. I probably should make a logo for my website. Here’s a link to a good video about logo design…

For a while there, I was wondering if I should even leave the book on iTunes. Then out of nowhere, the book is back as the #1 Internet book. So, it’s a nice combo.


Thank You Michael - your book has been a great kickstart in my understanding (and appreciation) of Hype. Having all the essential material laid out in a cogent flowing fashion while making good use of the interactive features of iBooks. I look forward to the follow up edition: “Tricks of the Hype Pro Masters”.

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@Photics I held the top spot for the resource page.
great book Michael


It looks like you’re not using an affiliate link. Apple has a program where links to iTunes can earn commissions…


It looks like Tumult switched over to the affiliate link… http://tumult.com/hype/tutorials/ …over on the tutorials page. It might not be a lot of money to Tumult, but I like to think it adds up to enough petty cash for pizza parties or something nice like that.


I think it’s a bit early for another Hype book right now. For some more advanced tricks I posted some free Hype templates… https://photics.com/tag/template/ …at my website. It’s a way to promote A Book About Hype. However, I am considering a possible sequel… Creating Games With Hype 4.0 …or something like that. It depends on the success of the current book.


I’m wondering, is A Book About Hype helping people? I’m still seeing book sales, but the reviews have stopped. Did the information in the book lead to an awesome project? Did it save you time? Did you get better at JavaScript? Did you just play with the bouncing ball?

(Gerfried) #175

Hi Michael,

yes, it’s helping :slight_smile:

  • As a developer, I wasn’t looking for an introduction to Javascript and I’m pretty sure I could’ve discovered most features on my own - but it would’ve taken me a lot of time.
  • If there is good material available, I’ll always buy it, and I’ll scan over it quickly. That allows me to get an idea of the features available.
  • I like having a reference book - I can search for specific terms when I have a question, and move along quickly. As a reference, a book just works so much better than video tutorials.
  • The hype documentation is good - but the book takes a different angle and has a lot more detailed explanations.
  • It shows that you invested a lot of time into creating the book. There are so many useful details, and you don’t stop at Hype itself but include useful hints about other tools or background information (mp3 licensing etc.)

As mentioned in my introduction, I’m considering (and have actually started) making a course about interactive elements for eLearning with Hype. It’s a relief to not have to explain all the basics in detail. Instead, I can always just say “if you need more information, you’ll find it in A Book About Hype”. This leaves me time to focus on my specific application.

So - thanks for the book!

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I am also curious about other’s experience with the book. I’m not as well versed with coding as a number of you are around here, so it seems like it might be helpful there, as I really appreciate what a piece of code can add.

Also, @Photics , re your Hype-to-App chapter – is this with Swift or Objective C? (Long thread that I’ve been skimming through, and I think I saw something about Swift.)

Heh, and there’s never pleasing everyone. I’ve always been impressed with the Hype team and if the book revealed something new, that’s great. We all get into our grooves with regards to our workflows, and it’s easy to overlook things, no mater how experienced we are.


I’m glad that you liked it! :smiley:

It’s with Swift.

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Troubleshooting Controller (via 'A Book about Hype')

So far, the book has decent longevity. With the latest Hype update, version 3.5.1, there were no significant changes. The update only says, “Bug Changes”. So “A Book About Hype” is still up-to-date.

There’s only one review for Hype and not enough votes to show the rating. So, it’s a bit of a sleepy time for Hype. :sleeping:

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They appear to be distributing Hype, actually, with an affiliate discount now. Very cool.

Troubleshooting Controller (via 'A Book about Hype')

It’s Pi Day, so I’m feeling a little silly. I thought I’d celebrate with a sale for “A Book About Hype”. Today, if ordered through FastSpring, you can save $3.14 on “A Book About Hype”. Just use the following coupon code…


Remember, this sale is an exclusive through FastSpring – not iTunes!

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Just bought the book. I’m very excited to get started! Thanks for the hard work.

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That was a nice touch, @Photics! Hope you sold some extra copies.