Troubleshooting Controller (via 'A Book about Hype')

I have really enjoyed your book both as a learning tool for hype and a reference. Your Controller was just what I needed for a project I am working on but I can seem to get it to work. Do you have any other actual hype projects that include that controller you might be willing to share. Since this is my first post on this or any other forum my apologies in advance for violations of rules of etiquette.


I started this thread. I don’t care if it goes a little off topic. HA!

What is it that you’re trying to do exactly?

I’m trying to simulate the controller on a power wheelchair that I plan to use in a game I’m building hype I call wheelchair world world. Your controller would be perfect but I seem to get it together, probably putting it together.
Some of your code was very helpful in building a slide indicator. Thank You for your help.


I’m confused. Are you having trouble putting the controller together or is it working now?

If you’re having trouble, some places to check are the element IDs. Also, the code is run at startup (on scene load). It’s using event listeners, which is JavaScript code that is outside of Hype’s JavaScript API – but it is standard JavaScript.

Honestly, I forgot what I built. I went back to look at the code and I couldn’t remember what I was trying to do. It took me a while to remember. I was really in the zone. It’s good that I wrote this stuff down. HA HA.

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I’m having trouble putting it together and getting it to work. I could send you what have done.

controller.hype (1).zip (10.8 KB)controller (10.8 KB)

I tried these two ways but I must have a basic misunderstanding