A Book About Hype (3.5+Pro) 📘

I am also curious about other’s experience with the book. I’m not as well versed with coding as a number of you are around here, so it seems like it might be helpful there, as I really appreciate what a piece of code can add.

Also, @Photics , re your Hype-to-App chapter – is this with Swift or Objective C? (Long thread that I’ve been skimming through, and I think I saw something about Swift.)

Heh, and there’s never pleasing everyone. I’ve always been impressed with the Hype team and if the book revealed something new, that’s great. We all get into our grooves with regards to our workflows, and it’s easy to overlook things, no mater how experienced we are.

I’m glad that you liked it! :smiley:

It’s with Swift.

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So far, the book has decent longevity. With the latest Hype update, version 3.5.1, there were no significant changes. The update only says, “Bug Changes”. So “A Book About Hype” is still up-to-date.

There’s only one review for Hype and not enough votes to show the rating. So, it’s a bit of a sleepy time for Hype. :sleeping:

They appear to be distributing Hype, actually, with an affiliate discount now. Very cool.

It’s Pi Day, so I’m feeling a little silly. I thought I’d celebrate with a sale for “A Book About Hype”. Today, if ordered through FastSpring, you can save $3.14 on “A Book About Hype”. Just use the following coupon code…


Remember, this sale is an exclusive through FastSpring – not iTunes!

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Just bought the book. I’m very excited to get started! Thanks for the hard work.

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That was a nice touch, @Photics! Hope you sold some extra copies.

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I probably should have started the promotion earlier for a better result. It was just a spontaneous thing. It was fun.

If people have been following this thread, wondering if they should publish their own book on iTunes / iBook Store, I have some interesting data. For the last 30 days, iTunes sales have outpaced FastSpring sales almost 2:1. In other words, almost double the sales are from iTunes.

That was surprising to me, as I’ve had trouble with iTunes before. Furthering the surprise, I’ve stopped pointing traffic towards iTunes. Instead, I favor FastSpring sales.

This shows that Apple’s iBooks Store does have merit. I went back and looked. It seems that learning from my past mistakes… https://photics.com/ibooks-author-try-again/ …helped to make “A Book About Hype” a success.

So while the iBooks Store does have some glaring issues, simply disregarding it would have been a mistake. I think the issues of iTunes are offset by FastSpring, so it’s a nice combo. Tumult is doing the exact same thing with Hype, so great minds think alike.


It’s a very different model, isn’t it, @Photics? FastSpring sell on commission for you, rather than acting as publisher, like Apple, and paying you a royalty which means, I think, that if one is based in or sells into the European Union, one has to be registered for VAT. There’s no such hassle with iBooks.

What sort of trouble have you had with the iBookstore?

FastSpring collects VAT too… http://www.fastspring.com/vat

  • Apple supports many more countries for Apps than iBooks – even though they’re both digital downloads. (There’s even a book section in the iTunes App Store.)
  • With the Japanese Consumption Tax issue, I felt like Apple just dumped it in my lap. Why don’t they just step up like FastSpring did?
  • iTunes Connect is a mess, while FastSpring sends me an email with every sale.
  • FastSpring is better with promotions, as FastSpring has support for coupons.
  • FastSpring doesn’t have a lengthy review process. I can publish / update files instantly – even during holiday weeks.
  • FastSpring pays faster

Ultimately, it’s a digital download. I feel like Apple could make the process less frustrating. Apple’s iBooks Store does have advantages.

  • Better sales
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Better known, so probably greater trust with potential customers
  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • Apple does marketing, FastSpring is focused on e-commerce.

So if Apple takes 30%, while FastSpring is around 9%, that’s a 21 point difference. It depends on the cost of the product, as FastSpring has minimum transaction fees. But for “A Book About Hype”, Apple takes more than triple of what FastSpring takes. That’s more money for Apple, while enduring more frustration. That’s the point of this article…

Even though I’ve been frustrated with Apple, iTunes and the iBook Store, the extra effort seems to be justified.

This is just a helpful message. If you order “A Book About Hype” through FastSpring, you should receive the download link (via email) soon after your order. If you do not see the message right away, the problem might be related to spam filtering. So, you’ll want to allow email from fastspring.com or check your spam folder in your email account.

If you’re still having trouble, you can use the contact form on Photics.comhttps://photics.com/about/contact/ … I usually respond within 24 hours. You can also try contacting FastSpring support.

Update: 4/3/2016 – If you visit Photics.com today, and see an issue about an expired SSL certificate, that’s because the replacement SSL certificate is still being processed. It was ordered, but it’s not yet in place. If this make you nervous, that’s good! The Internet is becoming a scary place. It probably should be back to normal within 24 hours, when the new 2-year certificate should be in place.

I use HTTPS on Photics.com to protect visitors. It also has other benefits, such as a boost in SEO. Here’s an article about it… https://scotthelme.co.uk/still-think-you-dont-need-https/ …but unfortunately, it does add more overhead to site management.

Meanwhile, here are the direct links to where A Book About Hype is available…


Well, that took longer than expected, but Photics.com is now back to normal…

The page for “A Book About Hype” is now secure.

I got two requests, in the last 24 hours, to put the example templates online. I’m not sure if it was the same person. But more importantly, I’m not sure how I feel about that. If you’ve read this thread, you can see that I prefer that people figure it out for themselves. However, I know that if I was a customer, I’d probably like to have the templates.

So, maybe I’ll let the community decide.

If this specific post gets 25 likes or more, by the end of this month, I’ll probably put some, most or all of the example templates online — free for everybody to download. (The slide puzzle seems to be the one that is in the biggest demand.)

If not, then I’ll just go back into Hype hibernation mode, waiting for a proper Physics API.

The good news is that the recent feedback of the book has been great. People seem to like it. If you didn’t read this whole thread, here’s a link to the official book page…


Hi Michael, I made the request.

I hope even if you don’t get 25 likes, you’d consider providing the purchaser of your book some example code :slight_smile: It’s one thing to have parts and concepts explained and another to be able to tinker around and see how changes really affect things.

I do hope you decide to do another book on Hype but focused more on Mobile devices and integration with mobile frameworks and platforms like Phonegap/Cordorva/Ionic. That’s where I feel Hype is weakest (with no mult touch gesture support) but could fill a big hole that exists now.

On a somewhat related note, I do think I found a bug, but not sure if it’s a Hype issue or your project. I was looking at The Pythagorean from your site, because it’s similar to the color slider in your book.

Everything works fine on a browser and my iphone (through Hype Reflect). But as soon as I add an iphone layout and then try to view it on Hype Reflect, it doesn’t work. In fact none of the layouts for the scene work… until I remove the iphone layout.

Perhaps this is a Javascript issue or maybe someone from Tumult can chime in?

Thanks for your quick response!

Hi. Not sure if you’ve covered the issue of it only appearing in the US iBooks/iTunes store as I haven’t read the entire thread.

Any chance of it being added to the Sri Lankan iTunes store?


Hey Michael,

What was you feeling on this in the end. Is Autodesk Graphic worth it …

I think this is better fixed by Tumult. Hype should be able to export a project to an app.

Unfortunately, Apple’s iBook Store doesn’t support a lot of countries. However, the book is also available at FastSpring.


I still use the old version.