A Book About Hype (3.5+Pro) 📘


How many people are still trying to get “A Book About Hype” from countries that are unsupported by iTunes?


I can’t (South Africa)


Anyone else still having trouble getting the book?

Meanwhile, I tried contacting the German Mac websites and letting them know about the German version of the book. So far, I found two nice websites.


I got too much sand on my copy can I get a replacement?? :wink:

P.S congrats and well done!


That’s funny. I wrote a science fiction book a while back and I was being harassed about signing copies. That’s not a problem with digital books. What am I supposed to do? Take a Dremel to an iPad?

Eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thanks! Which part did you like the most?

Also, there are some reviews on iTunes…

  • Awesome” ★★★★★ – @gasspence (Well, the review is written by “Gaspence” so
    it seems like the same person.)
  • Brilliant - indespensable guide” ★★★★★ – @Northerner_V1
  • An Excellent Guide to an Important Program” ★★★★★ – @peterdanckwerts


I can’t edit the first post anymore. I occasionally get messages sent through the Photics.com contact form, asking if the book is available. Yes… it’s available!


I marked post #89 as the “Solved” post, as that’s the post where the book was officially announced.

Also, I’m thinking of a way to further promote the book. I’ve been working on a “Tools” app, which is tools that can be built with Hype.

My thinking is that the app would be free, but would include a link to the book. Probably something like, “Built with Hype” or “If you want to make tools like this, get the book!”

The problem is that I’m considering three other projects right now. Which of the following would you like to see more…

  • A tools app that promotes “A Book About Hype”
  • A game app, probably built with Hype and Xcode
  • A monthly technology e-zine, probably built with iBooks Author Hype
  • A Photography guide, probably built with iBooks Author and Hype

The other three options would likely start as a Kickstarter. I backed my first project recently… https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/joefabiani/golapse-easy-timelapse-trolley …and that was fun.

Simple Calculator
(Peter Danckwerts) #151

I rather like the sound of the e-zine, but the tools app also sounds good and might be the most effective way to sell the book.

(Greg) #152

I vote for…

A tools app that promotes "A Book About Hype"


The e-zine does sound fun. It’s different. It’s a break from development.

Although, I was thinking of opening up the tools project to the community. It could be a volunteer thing. Everyone involved makes at least one tool, then everyone that contributed gets to download a copy of the templates. It could be a really quick way to turn around the project. The world gets to enjoy a great iOS app, I get to promote the book for managing the project and Hype gets lots of publicity.

I don’t really work well with others though. Ha ha.

As an alternative, I wondered if Tumult should start a template store. What do you think of that @jonathan and @Daniel? If not, I was thinking of starting a template store at Photics.com.

I have so many ideas, but I’m not quite sure what to focus on next.


At this point we have no plans for this, but we’ll of course support you in your efforts. We’ll likely expand our gallery (with downloadable examples) for free before making a template store of our own.


That’s unfortunate. It would be a lot easier just to make templates and let Tumult worry about the e-commerce part. HA HA.

Right now, I’m still deciding what to do, but an e-zine is the frontrunner.

(kim) #156

Disappointing would be a too favourable
word for this book! Although a couple of handy tips in there/mose well write a book on how many shades of blue the sky is.
Nothing really useable or instructional just a jumbled mess,Wrong author-horror stories would be more up your alley


I’d have to disagree with you. I learned some new ways to work with the JavaScript API and Physics properties after reading this book, and I work here! Michael clearly took a deep dive into the subject.

(kim) #158

Pathetic Daniel/you would say that wouldn’t you.dissapointing is my view of
the book not yours-crawl back under your rock pal

(kim) #159

You just proved how confusing hype is for anyone to use smartarse-you work
there and still can’t work it out-what a joke.

(Steve) #160

Obvious we know better, you will get good and bad marks, however this person seems to be ‘trolling’. Almost like my video games. If you don’t have something to criticize, then don’t say anything.
Daniel is a hard worker here for all… The book is great! I still have not read it all yet, but working on it… it is a piece of treasure for me. Sorry you don’t feel that way. Maybe you should go join your adobe friends. Have a great day… now let’s get back to programming!

(kim) #161

Thanks Steve -I hate adobe their products and their people.I’m just trying
to build a website the easiest way I can-be good if Daniel put his efforts
into more YouTube videos about hype instead of all the pixelmator ones he’s
got on there.ADOBE SUCKS.dont tell me what to do troll boy


Wow. That’s a great complement. It doesn’t get much better than that. The book is so good that it helps the people that make the software.

Yeah, Daniel is a good guy. This community is great here too. It’s a usually a very friendly place. I’m surprised by what happened here.

This is also a great compliment. Thanks.

A Book About Hype is more about interactive examples than video tutorials. (There is one video in the book, but that’s to show how the “Capo” works with the “Timeline Cursor”.) One of the goals was to keep the book’s file size down. That doesn’t accommodate large video files.

It’s a delicate balance of features. Writing for beginners and advanced users is another delicate balance. Too easy, the advanced users are disappointed. Too hard and the beginners get discouraged. I decided to make the book a little more advanced. There’s a lot of JavaScript in the book.

There is a bright side to this conversation. It does show a possible opportunity for leaders in the community. There are different ways to learn and videos can be preferred over books. Way back in post #58 @JohnnyMoon mentioned an interest in creating Hype videos.

While I’m still wondering what project to work on next, it’s probably not going to be a YouTube video channel about Hype. That doesn’t seem like a bad idea, but I don’t think I’m the right person for that. Also, it’s a way for the community to grow. There are many ways to learn. More resources, created by more people, seems like it would be good for Hype and the people that use it.


Michael, can you confirm if the book is available in the South African store. It has been requested not just by me but others too but seems as if you don’t care if it is released there?


Oh, I care. I contacted Apple about this. I don’t understand why the App Store has more countries supported than the iBooks Store. They’re both digital downloads. What’s the difference? I got a reply from Apple, but it didn’t fix the problem.