A Book About Hype (3.5+Pro) 📘


That’s the second most popular territory for the book. The translation of the text for the German version of the book is complete. Now I have to recreate all the images and interactive examples in German. I tried working on the cover last night, but I was just too tired.

I think JavaScript is a beautiful programming language. It’s accessible, as it can run on most computers and it was designed to be easier for beginners to learn. I didn’t expect “A Book About Hype” to include so much JavaScript related content. Yet, that’s what happened with Hype. By using the program, I would hit limits. But with some creative coding, those limits would be surpassed.

If you’re into web design / web development, JavaScript is good to learn.

Local store? Do you mean iTunes or a book store?

Right now, the book is an iTunes exclusive.


It’s not available in my local iTunes/iBooks store (I’m in Japan) unfortunately.


Back in September, Apple sent out an email about “Changes in Japanese tax laws”.

That didn’t make a lot of sense to me, so I just pulled my books out of the Japan section of iTunes.


That didn’t make a lot of sense to me, so I just pulled my books out of the Japan section of iTunes.

Guess I’m out of luck then! Oh well.

(Peter Danckwerts) #128

I have to say that EU (and US) tax laws don’t make much sense to me! I’m just glad that Apple and Amazon take care of it for me. :grinning:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #129

FYI we deal with this for our apps also. Basically the Japanese will withhold a larger amount of taxes than they should if you don’t fill out the forms. However, that just means you don’t get all the money you should - there’s no reason to not to put it on the store as you won’t be in violation of any laws.


Well, the way you explained it was friendlier than how Apple explained it. I’m an app developer too, so I’m familiar with what you’re saying. This feels different. So, I wrote to Apple for clarification.

Also, I wrote to Apple about book sales from additional territories. It seems odd that someone in Israel or the Philippines can buy apps in iTunes, but they can’t buy an ebook from the iTunes Book Store.

(Matthew Bibby) #131

@Photics I just want to say thanks for writing A Book About Hype. While I’ve been keeping an eye on Hype for a couple of years, I haven’t used it much (other than to play around a bit). Your book has helped me gain a much deeper understanding of the tool and gotten me to a point where I’m going to start to use Hype on a regular basis. Thank you.


The German translation is complete, but the screenshots and interactive examples need to be redone. I’ve been working on that, but it hasn’t been much fun. I switched the computer language to German, which makes it more difficult to use my computer. Sometimes I’ll get a prompt and I’m not quite sure which button to press. I’ve been using Word Lens to translate for me…

(Leo) #133

there is no table of contents in the iBook preview or descrption



  • Book Information
  • Foreword

Chapter 1 – Getting Started

  • Installation
  • Introduction
  • Elements
  • File Types
  • Inspector: Document
  • Inspector: Scene
  • Inspector: Metrics
  • Inspector: Element
  • Inspector: Typography
  • Inspector: Actions
  • Inspector: Physics
  • Inspector: Identity

Chapter 2 – Animation

  • Timeline
  • Layers
  • Properties and Keyframes
  • Capo
  • Timeline Actions
  • Multiple Timelines

Chapter 3 – Hype Pro

  • Going Pro
  • Grid System
  • Symbols
  • Persistent Symbols
  • Responsive
  • Physics

Chapter 4 – JavaScript

  • Section 1: Adding Code
  • Section 2: Don’t Panic
  • Section 3: Parameters
  • Section 4: Get & Set
  • Section 5: Bouncing Explained
  • Section 6: Saving
  • Section 7: Scenes
  • Section 8: Timelines
  • Section 9: Symbols
  • Section 10: Drag Events

Chapter 5 – Examples

  • Section 1: Coloring
  • Section 2: Grinding
  • Section 3: Sliding
  • Section 4: Shuffling
  • Section 5: Picturing
  • Section 6: Indexing
  • Section 7: Timing
  • Section 8: Navigating
  • Section 9: Arraying
  • Section 10: Controlling
  • Section 11: Scaling

Chapter 6 – Publishing

  • Testing
  • Browser Support
  • Export
  • Advanced Export
  • Hype-To-App
  • Hype-To-Home
  • iBooks

(Peter Bright) #135

Just purchased, now to find some time to sit down and have a good read :wink:


I added the Table of Contents to the description on iTunes…


Although, I have to wait to see if Apple actually accepts the update to the description. While the iBook Store has issues, overall it’s less annoying than the app stores. Apple reviews books and book changes usually within 24 hours. The customer reviews don’t disappear with new updates either.

I’m still working on the German version of the book. It’s a race to finish the book before Apple shuts down the iBook Store for the holidays. Also, I’ll feel a lot better when my computer is back in English.

Update: This project is so tedious. One of the most important examples in the book is the “Bounce” example. It’s sorta on the cover too. It saves the highest score of consecutive bounces. So, what’s “High Score” in German?

Apparently, it’s just “Highscore”… one word, no space and lowercase “S”. I have to export a new widget just for such a minor change. Each widget is optimized, so the default images are compressed and the unnecessary .js file is removed.

This seemed like a lot of work for just a little change. I talked about this with the translator. Is there something more German sounding? “höchste Punktzahl” was suggested. That looks very German, but it doesn’t seem quite right for gaming. So, I just went with the boring “Highscore”.

I was tempted to just leave “High Score”. I’m not sure anyone would notice or care. After overthinking it, the interactive example was eventually updated. But then, I noticed an issue…

The score was on the grid line. I had to update the project again. I added some “Buchstabenabstand”, which sounds like a food spice to me… or a violent place to buy a newspaper… Stab and Stand.

(Matthew Bibby) #137

Feeling a bit verärgert @Photics?


I’m feeling better. The German pictures are complete. The translation is wrapping up. The book should be shipping off to Apple later today.

I even had a chance to see the new Star Wars movie. I thought it was very well done!


The book is not available in my iBook store. How else can I purchase it?


From which country are you trying to purchase this book? I tried contacting Apple about this issue, but their answer wasn’t really helpful.

With a nice diaeresis on the cover, this book feels German! “Buch über Hype” should be available in 24 hours.

(brij sethi) #142

Hello, I am trying to buy the book in India and I am also unable to buy. Could you please help? Thanks


Wow, Apple left off a lot of major countries from the iBooks list. Maybe now that Phil Schiller’s role has been changed, perhaps things will improve with the Mac App Store and the iBook Store. (Although, I’m not entirely sure if he is responsible for the iBook Store now.)

If Apple doesn’t fix the problem soon, I have some alternate plans.

The German version of A Book About Hype is now available!

Buch über Hype” is available on iTunes.


Am trying to purchase from the South African store :frowning: