Youtube video full screen in Androide don't work?

Hello every one I have a problem with full screen youtube video. In iPhone and vertical position full screen mode works fine but in Androide don’t work. Any body know how to solve this?
My youtube video is embedded in iframe. This is the website I made in Hype :

Thanks every body for any help.

The video works for me in full screen, so I assume you are referring to the problem being that the video will automatically show in landscape mode? I believe this is an android feature. In theory you can set preferences (in Chrome) to disable it via the chrome://flags, but I couldn’t get that to work. I didn’t see any way to change behavior for all visitors.

Thank you very much for your answer Jonathan. I will try to solve this with some one who knows about it or knows via javascript code.

Hi Jonathan

I have a document with three layouts in Hype Pro 4. iPhone, iPad Portrait and Desktop computer but in iPhone don’t work and is displaying desktop version instead. I you go to the browser is ok but in iPhone is not working.
This is the web page:

Hype document is 19 megabytes.

I would appreciate your help

there does not seem to be a mobile layout?

Anyway, a hypesamplefile is always recommend … it easier to check …

as of my head: i can remember there’s been a change in serving layouts in Hype 4, but i can not find the posts … @jonathan?

There haven’t been any major changes that would break this in Hype v4. The most likely culprit may be the viewport setting in the Document Inspector. This is setting:

<meta name="viewport" content="user-scalable=yes, width=1240" />

Since the viewport is registering as 1240 wide on mobile, it probably isn’t hitting a mobile breakpoint. You could try changing to “Device Width” and see if that helps.