Xcode & Phonegap Tips

Tips for embedding within a Webview / Standard Xcode Project

A great place to start is @nick’s tutorial to embed a Tumult Hype document within a web view.

Phonegap / Cordova

If you’re hoping to use Phonegap (aka Cordova) to embed your Tumult Hype project:

Specific Issues our users have encountered

Opening a link from a Phonegap app in Safari (read more):

  • To ensure that links in your document open in Safari, and not the built in browser, run this Javascript ‘On Click’ within your Tumult Hype project: window.open(‘http://www.elterninitiative.at’, ‘_system’);
  • In your .html file, put the following in the <head> area

<script type="text/javascript" src="cordova-####.js"></script>

(Use the correct version in place of ###)

Share your tips

Please share any tips you have below!