Working with scenes

When I work with scenes I have the situation that for example for the size 300x250px I have to use a different background than for the size 300x600px.
But when I create the zip file, both backgrounds are packed for me, which results in a larger file.
Can I work around this? If yes, how?
Another question in this context is, can really only one destination URL be used for a project?
I'm thinking here of UTM parameters, which should possibly include the size of the ad and so should differ from scene to scene.
Thanks for your advice and only the best

I assume you are using Advanced Export, but unfortunately there is an issue where it does not look at on a per-export-slice basis to optimize the images. This is a high priority issue for us to fix. There aren't any great workarounds short of importing different images that already are resized, or breaking up your document after-the-fact so that each "child" document only has one size.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but I assume this is something so that you can have a single export, but send a preview with varying URLs to someone? I'd probably say the best way to do this would be something like:

(assuming each scene is a different ad size?)

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Thank you both for your help. I appreciate this very much.
Until now I have created a separate hype document for each banner size. Now I wanted to try to combine different sizes (300x250px / 300x600px / 970x250px etc) in one hype document, using different scenes.
But when I create a customized background image for the mentioned sizes, if I output for example the size 300x250px, I have all three background sizes packed.
This of course affects the zip file, which becomes much larger than if only the background image for the size 300x250px would be packed here.
My idea now would be, that if I make the output for the scene 300x250px, also only the files are packed in the zip-file, which are needed in this scene.
The part with the different URL per scene I can probably forget. It might not have been a good idea of mine.
Thanks for your patience and your help

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It is probably best to continue using separate documents for now then. Once the bug of optimizing per export slice is fixed, it might be better to then move to using a single document for different sizes.


Thanks a lot Jonathan.
All the best, Urs

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