Work around to get blend modes to work on Individual layout export?

Hey all,

I've been working with @MaxZieb's his Blend mode script, and initially it seemed to work fine. Untill it was ready to export all assets for DCM, where issues appeared.

In the browser's live preview it works fine, but once exported it seems to break.
The Cdn script is loaded in the header, and the blending mode is applied on a hype rectangle with html content inside (this is needed as the rectangle resizes)

Later in the thread i've read that someone else had problems with applying this on a Hype rectangle. Now my question is, are there work arounds to get this working other then straight applying it on an image? or other methods to apply blending modes? As the resizing of a Hype rectangle is required with changing image dimensions.

I've made a test document to showcase the issue: (61.7 KB)
And some test exports: (60.7 KB)


*Edit, if I export the 'default slice', then it works good, also with DCM export.
However, If i export an individual layout, then it doesn't work.

I'm still looking for a work around to make it work with the individual layouts, as I'm working with 40 assets per language. Meaning I'll have to export 400 assets one by one if I go the custom slice route. (1,2 KB)
does this edit on the script work for you?


Yesss, this variant worked indeed. Thanks Hans! +1 :+1: