Whisk Quick Review — Like it was made just for me (almost)

It was really easy for me to test this software. I just chucked Widgets in there.

Oh, look at that… it found four errors. Did Visual Studio Code find those errors with IDs — nope. I would have fixed that already.

Ah… and look at that… it’s the Developer Tools…

That’s nice. That would have made a huge difference about a year ago. HA HA! I wasted a lot of time jumping back and forth between Visual Studio Code and Safari.

I don’t think it likes my scroll settings though.

…and the “i” icon for toggling the Developer Tools didn’t work, not at first.

Those are minor glitches, easily overlooked. This could almost be my daily driver, except it doesn’t have Git.

…and I’m not happy with the way multiple files work. It opens a new window each time… With Visual Studio Code, I can open whole folders, have multiple files open in tabs and I can easily compare the differences between two files.

Also, this doesn’t seem to change much…
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 6.52.59 PM

It’s pretty good. I think it needs more though. It’s a little too light weight. I suppose my major complaint with Whisk is that it took too much attention from Hype. Although, it looks like Whisk is more popular than Hype…

Thanks for the feedback!

All credit goes to W3C and The Nu Html Checker (v.Nu)!

That’s interesting; I wonder if it happens in Safari as well? Would you mind DM’ing me a zip of the files to repro this? There might not be much we can do since it is all in WebKit land but I can take a look. Also let me know your current OS version. Thanks!

This is the Mac App Store version? We have to do some hacking to get it to show up there (vs. using Private API in the Tumult Store version)… Also, I know if the preview size is narrow it will try to open in its own window. If you were to open a new document and have a narrow preview does it work?

Good request; this is something I would like to have too!

Yeah, I spotted that in the “About Whisk” window… needs more JavaScript checking… and why are you thanking Amazon? :stuck_out_tongue:

The really big issue — new windows opening with each file switch is… well… that’s quite annoying.

It needs tabs… and auto save.

That’s the flagship Photics app. I can’t send that outside the walls of the NYC Headquarters… heh… even though the source code is quite easy to see.

I found the problem anyway…

function tick() {
    if (document.body.scrollTop != 0) {
        document.body.scrollTop = 0;

It’s a WKWebView issue in Widgets. The page would slide off the screen when the keyboard was pressed. That part keeps it from doing that, but it seriously messes with Whisk’s WebKit box. When I removed the code, it stopped doing that.

I suppose I should find a better way to handle that issue, as it causes scroll twitching.

If it’s not that, it might be related to the weather widget. I’m waiting to see what Apple does with their newly acquired Dark Sky purchase. Are they going to open up that weather data freely to devs? :thinking:

Really?! You should know I’ve been battling with Catalina since it launched. At least my monitor works on restart now. HA HA.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this bug. It seems to work fine now. When the window is small, the console pops out. Maybe it was an initial launch issue.

The feedback reporting mechanism uploads attachments to our s3 bucket.

It uses the macOS implementations of both.

I wrote a bit on using tabs:

Granted, there’s a lot of room for improvement there!

Okay, let me know if you see it again!

Ah, so it’s like Watch_Dogs, where you have to hack the game to get the better graphics :smirk:

It didn’t quite work for me though, as you lose the preview — which is the main point of the app. Maybe splitting the code window is the better way to go.

Oh yeah, another thing… terminal might be nice too.

I just chucked this together, but it’s a rough idea of how I imagine the perfect web editor…

Basically, it needs more of that Hype window moving/snapping.

Say you didn’t need the terminal… the JS and Console windows could expand to fill that space.

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