Which book should I pick up to learn JavaScript as a complete novice?

I was looking for a physical book (paper) to learn JavaScript. I did a number of Google searches and read reviews but most books seem to presume that the reader knows at least the fundamentals of JavaScript and has some experience tinkering with it. Could you please list some books to learn JavaScript from the ground-up (starting with fundamentals), the book teaches from ground-up and assumes no previous knowledge on the reader’s part except HTML and CSS? In addition, while I will practice writing JavaScript along with reading the book, the book, while starting with basics, should be packed with enough information so that I can build a cool web app by the end of reading it. with Furthermore, if possible could you link a webpage with a good list of books to learn JavaScript for a complete novice, to both programming and JavaScript, having never written code except HTML and CSS. If possible, the book should teach ES6. Please do not suggest Eloquent JavaScript and You Don’t Know JS Yet by Kyle Simpson because I have already taken a look at it and it is a more ‘intermediate’ book in my opinion. The author himself notes - “If you are new to programming or JS, be aware that these books are not intended as a gentle “intro to JavaScript.” This material is, at times, complex and challenging, and goes much deeper than is typical for a first-time learner. You’re welcome here no matter what your background is, but these books are written assuming you’re already comfortable with JS and have at least 6–9 months experience with it.” . Thank you for your help!

You might be interested in this...

There's a section dedicated to JavaScript and there are many JavaScript examples throughout the book. If you want to be notified when it's available, like the second post in that thread. It should be available in the first half of 2020.

While I've been using JavaScript for decades, I didn't really consider myself fluent in the language until I started using Hype. It's a really nice way to learn, as that's what Hype does. It's just pure HTML and JavaScript.

I don't know of any other printed books to recommend. I do like these websites though...


First: welcome, Flanberry! :blush:

I was in the same boat not so long ago, knowing HTML and CSS but zero JavaScript. I found Head First’s JavaScript Programming to be great – easy to read, with fun and cool exercises you’ll work on, like building a battleship game. I thought it was a great introduction: they go step-by-step to build up your understanding and skills. Their tone is a little goofy, but I think that’s actually a plus; I also know that tone and style just don’t work at all for some people.

A lot of people also seem to like Jon Duckett’s JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development. It has a gorgeous design and is well thought-out. Personally I’m happy to have worked through the Head First book first, but that’s just me. I think either would be a fine place to start.

Best wishes for your studies. A whole world is about to open up for you!