What's the hot goss on Whisk?

Is there any news? Anything happening? Doesn't seem like much is going on with Whisk.

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Well, I bought a copy recently. That's new. HA HA! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


There's an update in the works :slight_smile:. It is primarily focuses on macOS 12 Monterey changes (some of which are substantial under-the-hood, unfortunately).

Let me know:

  1. If you want to join the beta program
  2. If you have any specific top feature requests


I don't exactly have feature requests. That's because Visual Studio Code is my main text editor. Although, Microsoft is creeping me out a bit with using AI to write code. Its history of Embrace, Extend, Extinguish has me concerned...

I bought Whisk to encourage competition. So, Whisk needs to be at least as good as the competition. Unfortunately, Visual Studio Code is better for code completion and code formatting. Also, the appearance is far more customizable. That means, for Whisk to improve, the following features are important...

  • Cleaning up code
  • Autocomplete
  • Emmet Abbreviation
  • Extensions

That last one is real obvious. This... https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=tumult.tumult-hype-snippets ...should work in Whisk.

Also, I've been kicking around the idea of launching A.W.E. as a simple HTML page editor, but couldn't Whisk do that? Wow, that would be great. What if the preview tab had a WYSIWYG editor? I miss the simplicity of page editors.

That suggestion seems unlikely, but that's where Whisk excels. Whisk is great for previewing. That's another reason why I bought a copy of Whisk, works nice for my Photics.TV videos.


I'd be happy to join the beta program. Most of my feature requests were covered in posts that are almost a year old now. The typeahead code, auto closing tags and better indention behavior are my top 3.

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Yeah, this would have to be a different product :slight_smile:. Sadly it isn't easy as just setting contenteditable and transferring stuff back, considering input HTML can be very different, not counting the fact that the DOM could have been constructed from javascript and such.

A product would have to be either WYSIWYG first and controls the code, or is code-first and controls the preview (Whisk).

Still it'd be fun to be able to identify "editable" areas on the fly and allow changing those.

Great, I've added the email address associated with the forum account.

Due to problems in Whisk that I previouly pointed out, I have been using other code editors. The one most like Whisk is Peter Borg’s Smultron, a steal at under $10. I want to support Whisk, however, and keep it ‘all in the family.’

A WYSIWYG editor would be great, but I’d be delighted to have something out of DreamWeaver’s playbook (yes, DreamWeaver, who knew). Namely, the abiility to click on a DOM element in preview and have the corresponding code highlighted for ease of reference. That is, in my view, the best feature of the ol’ behemoth.

It would also be nice to have notes, like the new BBEdit has. Surprisingly handy. And to have problems of previous posts resolved, of course.

So, yes, please put me down for beta testing.

Hi Jon,

I would really like to see the ability to swap the Preview and Source Editor windows so the Preview could be on the left and source editor on the right. It would help with my computer setup.

I'm not sure we can go a full WYSIWYG route, but definitely being able to do some reverse direction operations when feasible would definitely be a great addition.

While I definitely am the type of user that has ~10 untitled bbedit documents at any time, I've not felt like the new notes feature is my workflow jam :slight_smile:. I don't think Whisk will go as general purpose as BBEdit; instead it will always focus on previewing of web formats. That said having better scratch areas/preservation might be nice to add :slight_smile: .

You've been added, thanks!

Thanks for this feedback! It was one of my goals in the Whisk rewrite to allow changing panels arbitrarily. I wound up hitting a few bugs along the way and punted on it, but I think it is a good idea still.

Do note that you can choose View > Detach Web Preview and make the preview into a separate window that can go on different screens or placed wherever you'd like. These settings are saved per-document; if you want it to be for all new ones then you can also choose View > Save Window Layout and Settings.

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I agree with what's also been suggested. I'd also like to see:
Import/Export Code Snippets for backup/sharing
Import/Export/Edit Colour Swatches
Basic FTP functions
Grouping and minimising code sections
Screen sizes / Breakpoints
Tabs - not windows

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Thanks for the feedback!

Not to take away from the need direct in Whisk, but two notes:

Note that you can do a preview in Whisk to Polypane.

Hype has even more support:

It could definitely be better integrated (like pinning a specific preview), but you can use the macOS tabs with Whisk:

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