What is the Status of Hype?

What is the status of Hype? Is it still in development?
It is a great program with much potential but still quite buggy.
I hope it continues and flourishes!

I wonder what is buggy about it or what sort of pest is living and breathing in it? :joy:

Many times when trying to move an object, the frame moves, but not the object. I also find that items on the time disappear and only come back after saving, closing and reopening the file.
What's the story on further development, is it happening???

Interesting, I haven't experienced these issues yet. I run it on an iMac i9 and on a MacBook Pro M3. There seem to be some reports and a fix recently in this thread🧵 … maybe those will help you.

Yes, I have this issue. I think it is being looked along with the issues in the link Max provided

Hype is still in active development.

This is an issue stemming from macOS 14.4.

There was an attempted fix in Hype v4.1.16 which solved many cases, but Hype v4.1.17 (released today) should generally fix problems with elements not displaying properly.

Please make sure you are on the latest update. If you are still encountering problems, please let me know with your document and steps to reproduce (forums okay, or via the Help > Report an Issue… menu).

Apple really did a number with macOS 14.4... we definitely were not the only app hit by this exceptionally buggy update.