Strange effects on Macbook Pro M3

I got a new MacbookPro M3 as my work computer. Since then, I've been experiencing very unusual and annoying effects: Often, when I change an object - its size, color, position, etc. - I don't see this change in the IDE. In other words, the graphical representation of the object isn't updated. Only when I briefly toggle the element to be invisible and then visible again, when I manually move the playhead of the timeline, or when I switch to a different scene and then back, does the change become visible.
Another problem - today, changes that I made programmatically only became visible after I quit Hype and restarted it.

You can imagine how annoying these effects are... Has anyone had similar experiences? Any ideas on where to start troubleshooting?

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Sorry you're hitting this! If you could share a screencast of what you're seeing and an example document that would be super helpful for us. Sending a bug report with your logs might also give us some insight into what's going on here. Using Help > Report an issue is the best way to get us all this info (you can upload a screencast using that window too).

That there was an issue with the most recent macOS 14.4 update that caused rectangles with a background color to not update their rendering when resizing. We just pushed a Hype v4.1.16 update today to work around the issue. Please give that a try and let me know if that resolves it.

(I'm actually worried whatever the WebKit bug is other areas I didn't find might be affected)

And coincidentally I did receive a report from a different user hitting a similar issue, but on 14.3 that affected not just rectangle resizing, but also all kinds of element repositioning. So I'm very interested if you could shoot us a bug report like @Daniel said.

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Sorry my bad,
I have been having similar issues but they are so inconsistent that I have been waiting to put my finger on it, also I have oddities in the finder where save dialogs would not show the correct drop down folder name or files. so was not sure if it was my Mac or whatever.

If it is Hype, then my feelings are it something to do with whats going on with the css in the IDE.

Please forget about that. It was caused by other reasons. But, I was so irritated at the moment due to the other hiccups... I've installed the update, let's see how Hype behaves. I will definitely send a report immediately if there are still/continuing issues.

The issues continue even after updating to v4.1.16. Bug report is on the way.

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Got it, thanks! I shot you an email back, but I'll also reply here since it is important to others.

The issue you are reporting is reproducible and another bug from the recent macOS 14.4 update. This bug has something to do with the display visible/hidden property not changing when it should. Unfortunately the Hype v4.1.16 update is hyper-targeted and therefore does not address this manifestation of the bug.

If you are hitting this, you can apply these steps to workaround the problem:

  1. Quit Hype
  2. Open /Applications/Utilities/ and copy/paste this command and press return to execute it:
    defaults write com.tumult.Hype4 useWebKitGraphicsAccelerationForSceneEditor -bool NO
  3. Relaunch Hype

This does change a bit how elements are rendered under-the-hood and may result in performance or other rendering issues however. If you notice any issues with this setting, please let me know.

We will work to address this in another update, hopefully out early next week.


Maybe you can fix this problem as well.
Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 13.23.13
After editing a text box and pressing escape this annoying rectangle appears.
I think @ktewes has mentioned this before.

You´re absolutely right Djon. And I thought, it had gone with one of the latest Mac OS updates. Obviously it didn´t...

That unfortunately didn't help. The effects are still occurring.

I've, updated. And will watch out for the bugs. Although its seems I will still get them

The issue I had with the save /Save as ..dialogue
Does seem to be only Hype so far..

It remembers where I saved the last time, but the dropdown shows the wrong name.
Honestly do not think that this can be hype but not reproducing it in any other app at the moment ( Thought I had)

The two images are showing a save folder.

Hype seems to choose the name Documents regardless. It corrects if a manual then use the drop down or side bare and select the folder again. But will revert again when next time I go to save.
This is consistent with any project.

After manually changing the Dropdown.

Whoops, my bad! I copied the wrong boolean for the command and didn't notice :sweat_smile:. Please try NO instead:

defaults write com.tumult.Hype4 useWebKitGraphicsAccelerationForSceneEditor -bool NO

(I corrected the above as well for anyone coming into the thread)

I suspect this is entirely out of our control, since the open/save dialog is an entirely separate process. Do you find this happens in other apps?

Any chance you can send:

  • a document that reproduces this problem (like has the bad characters already)
  • a list of as precise steps as possible to reproduce the problem
  • a full screen capture showing you doing this


Well, it's easy to reproduce. Start a new project. Add a text box. Open box with option/command E.
Edit text and press escape.
I'm on a mini M2 pro, Sonoma 14.2.1 and Hype Pro 4.1.16 (758)

Thanks for the steps; unfortunately I cannot reproduce it. Could you still provide a screen capture showing this from start to finish?

Also, I wonder:

  • what language is your computer using and what is the keyboard layout?
  • do you have anything that might alter/change text, like a grammarly plugin?
  • If you exit without hitting escape (like clicking out) does this still occur?
  • can you send me the HTML it generates (by editing inner html again and copy pasting into a ``` block on the forums)

Thank you!

Today I restarted my Mac and now I can't reproduce the problem myself anymore. Weird.
Sorry for the trouble.

Same here... :thinking::flushed:

A client had a similar effect after the latest update … the preview server lead to an 500 code and that stopped happening only after a reboot.

I have not noticed in the apps now that I have been looking over the last few days.
I have updated and rebooted. But is still does it?.