What is the IPhone 7 animation trick?

Hello All,

The animation of iPhone 7 is quite simple, but attractive enough. Please view it at https://www.apple.com/iphone-7/

I study it and try long time to do one, but still can not do one exactly like that, so I just guess there must trick, or there is other different technical in iPhone 7 animation. What do you think?

Or anyone would like do one to show what you think?


Iphone.hype.zip (93.4 KB)

not ‘quite simple’ but impressive :slight_smile:
it’s realized with canvas-technique, no chance rebuilding this with a hypeanimation … pngsequence should work too …

Well, I just suppose Hype is so powerful tool to build animation, and I think we can do that by using Hype, but we must missed something.

@danielmorgan, What do you think?


well as said: built an imageseqence and use hype to animate those images …

Looks to me like a 3D iPhone model in a 3D studio light rig with a rotating point light and a fill in at the end then rendered out as an image sequence, like Hans wrote.

thanks @h_classen, how to do that, would you like to show a example please?


first of all you’ll need a imagesequence (source might be photoshop, apple motion a 3d-rendering tool … to be continued …) … then just do a forumsearch for imagesequence and here you go :slight_smile:

The curved edges element poses a problem. If you want to create a simulated 3-D object made of rectangular planes, check out the fireplace animation. To change the angle to match the source image, you can take the entire thing, group it, tilt it back and rotate it.

WOW, thanks so much:)