Welcome on board! Please introduce yourself πŸ–

Hello everyone, my name is Eric. A graphic designer/multimedia/animator since 1997 and I live in Kansas. I speak English only, but enjoy trying to learn German. :smiley:

I don't like code. In fact, I hate it, but I'm indebted to those who DO like code and have created applications such as Hype! (I love you!) :shushing_face:

I would call myself a Hype novice, but always looking to learn more and push its limits more. My first interactive software ever used was Director. After Effects and Cinema 4D are my other tools of choice, but interactive design is where my true love lies.

My current Hype project is a passion project that combines my love of board games and interactive story-telling. You can check out the interactive part here:


And if you're interested in the game itself, you can check it out here:

And I'm always looking for feedback, comments and advice on how to make things better!

Thank you!


My name is Igor Freiberger. I'm an independent type designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil. I speak Portuguese, Spanish, English, and a bit of French.

I created some very basic things with Hype, but now I decided to go deeper in order to build a site demonstrating the fonts I create.

From the app to the forums, everything is very well done here. And the community is amazing. Thanks!


Hi everyone. My name is Roy and I've built an ad validation tool called AdValify.io. I'm here on this forum to seek for suggestions and discuss how creative designers like you handle the ad validation part.

I'm working in the ad tech industry since 2011, and my native language is English (and PHP). I've not much experience with Hype myself, but the people I help with ad validation do use Hype a lot. This forum helps me to find solutions regarding common issues, like optimizing the initial load and host-initiated subload.

If you have questions regarding ad validation, feel free to reach out.


Hi everyone,

I'm George Porter Age 32
I'm a Multimedia Designer
I live in Canada but my decendence is Jamaican
English is my native language
I'm working on a Pixel Comic Game Interactive App.
It's called JAMECHA an Afropunk Adventure!
Battle_Full MenuV3
It stars these young adventuers in their world known a Wayfarers.
(Left to right: Shoreleen, J'iio, Rokuro, Bahma)
The app is supposed to function where you watch the in-game cutscenes as comics or manga.
Still figuring outflow.

I'd say I'm more advanced than just a beginner but I don't think I command scripts like everyone else here can, still, I think Tumult Hypes is a great tool.

My favorite tool is probably Photoshop beyond Hippani which to me is the PC Tumult equivalent though it may or may not include things Tumult does as I'm still learning.

FIrst tool? Flash and Swish Max, as far as animating went.

Favorite animated film? Princess Monosuke, Cowboy Bebop, Titan A.E, Ninja Scroll, Afro Samurai, & Digimon the Movie are all pretty up there. Digimon THe mOvie is very akin to Summer Wars really love that kind of stylization.

I THINK that's everything.
Thanks so much for reaching out. Hope to help get more people aware of Tumult 's capabilities. Any help received? Thanks in advance.


JAMECHA is looking great! Even if you don't have questions feel free to post your progress/experiences, I'm sure others would love to learn more about your process as you go. Welcome onboard :slight_smile:.


Hi everyone, I'm Lawrence - an Englishman working & living in the US for the past 22 years. I work in the EV sphere and create learning for customers.
Home for me, currently is Upstate NY but am soon to be moving to Kauai.
My native language is English but I'm also fluent in Malay and Cantonese.
I'm looking to use Hype to make the training offerings for my company stand out from the crowd - I operate on three principals: Surprise, Delight, Shock
I'm a beginner with Hype but I'd like to think of myself as a fast learner :slight_smile:
Other tools I like and use include: Blender, Apple Motion, Renderman to name a few
Fave animated movie: Final Fantasy Spirits within, or, Akira
I'm here to learn and contribute - as I get more exposed to Hype!


I run a Digital agency in the U.K (ets 2003). We specialise in creating digital creative for the iGaming industry, in which we have worked in for nearly 2 decades.

We use Hype for creating custom HTML5 banners for iGaming clients, where their normal banner builders do not offer the level of custom animation required.


I am Daniele GiampΓ  and I am from the City of ZΓΌrich. In 2008, when I was an undergraduate, I discovered electronic literature aka digital storytelling and was fascinated by the idea to combine literature and linguistics with New Media. I joined the Electronic Literature Organization, participated in various projects in this field and wrote a masters thesis on this subject in 2012.

Just when I was about to finish my thesis, I discovered ebooks in EPUB format which share many aspects of electronic literature. Later in 2015, I took a course in ebook creation and decided to become digital publisher. In 2018, I got a PhD position in London and I chose to write about enhanced ebooks. Many publishing experts were not familiar with this technology and some said that I was at very edge of technology. So, in 2020, I founded the digital-only publishing company EDGE DPUB LTD.
Visit page: https://www.edgedpub.com/

The company follows the principles of the DIY-culture and Open-Source technology. The company's logo depicts an open book symbolised by two brackets which refer to the practice of coding. I strive to be always at the edge of technology. I work with Adobe, PubCoder, Oxygen Editor, Tumult Hype, CiruclarFlo, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SVG. I would like to create interactive and multimedia graphic novels. That is how I came to discover TH.

I am at the very beginning of my career and there are many skills and technologies that I have to learn.

  • Where do you call home? London
  • What is your native language? German, Italian
  • What is your favorite animated film? Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) the first movie I saw in a cinema.

Hello everyone!
I'm Cristian Werb. I live and work in Buenos Aires (Argentina). My native language is Spanish. Since 1994 I have been making infographics for both print and digital media. I started making digital infographics in 2000 with the Flash program. Unfortunately it was discontinued but luckily I found Hype, which I started using from version 1.0.
I work for clients from all over the world and in addition to infographics I do animated videos, motion graphics, illustrations and graphic design in general.
If you want to see my work:



My name is Devansh Trivedi. I am a Data Scientist. I am from India. My native language is Gujarati.

I would love to use Hype to make my website look like newspapers in Harry Potter.
I am a novice. I did a course on Hype from SkillShare 2 years back, but now I have forgotten the fundamentals.
The earliest interaction or animation tool I ever used were when I was in school and we had Turtle in Logo programming language. We also had Flash back then.

My favourite animated film is the one I recently watched: Luck on Apple TV+.


Welcome Fred. There are more Germans here. I think we all came here for @jonathan. As his last name is Deutsch.
But he lifted the magic and told us we shouldn't follow him because of his last name. Instead we should buy his products and spread the hype (haha pun word). :blush:

Been doing that for 7 years now.


Hi Bendora,
to be honest, I only saw later that Jonathan's last name is Deutsch. He writes good JavaScript and can give great tips.
Ok, maybe we should buy more of his products. :slight_smile:

You have a nice (cooking) studio. If you ever need freelancers in composing, illustration and animation - I would be there. :slight_smile: