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  • Who are you?
  • What is your industry/profession?
  • Where do you call home?
  • What is your native language?
  • What have you made with Hype – or what are you planning on using Hype for? (Feel free to post screenshots or links!)
  • Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced?
  • What’s your favorite design/animation tool (Other than Hype)?
  • What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used? (Analog OR digital!)
  • What is your favorite animated film?

(Please note that if you are looking to hire someone for a larger project, you should visit this thread).


Hi all, I’ll go first. I’m Greg, I live in rural Utah in a small town Southeast of Salt Lake City. I’ve been a Mac user since about 1991 when I was introduced to a Mac SE/30 running System 6 and thought it was the greatest thing ever invented. I’ve been using Hype since version 1.0 and it is now the greatest thing ever invented :sunglasses:

I am, Greg Spence
I work as a computer tech for a small firm
I speak english
I use hype for experiments and fun
i consider myself an advanced user
I normally use BBEdit for building sites, but I also enjoy using HyperEdit
I have tried Adobe Edge but hated it - Hype Rules!


John here. If you look closely at my profile picture you might see a few grey hairs - :wink: - I’m happy to say I’ve been doing interactive multimedia for over 35 years! I started in the very early days of multimedia, first using HyperCard, then VideoWorks, which became Director, which spawned Shockwave and then Flash.

I’ve done everything from freelance work to managing a large team of developers to owing a company and now I’m co-owner of Creative Cat Media, with my wife, who is also an accomplished illustrator.

Like @gasspence, I’ve used Hype since version 1.0 and I love it. I’d do only Hype work every day if I could! I especially like combining Hype with JavaScript and CSS.

== I’m John A. Purdy
== Advanced Hype user
== I’m a web and multimedia developer, and a photographer
== English is my native tongue
== I love using Hype for e-Learning and Training, full websites, and web interactive pieces
== I specialize in using Hype with JavaScript and CSS
== We have developed a children’s book app in the App Store using Hype and PhoneGap
== I’m based in Dallas, Texas, USA
== 3D: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
== 2D: (television) Road Runner


Hi All,

My name is Mark Hunte, London ,UK.

I started using Hype way back in version one. I remember at the time I needed to update an internal site I had built for my department.

Originally I had done it all in Dreamweaver but as much as I liked Dreamweaver, I wanted it to have some animations that would wow the team and make me look like I knew what I was doing… I decided to give Hype a go and have never looked back.

Hype I think initially for most people had always been about making animations to add to sites but I have always used it as a tool to build a whole site or pages.

For part of my work I have to look at between 20,000 and 100,000 (when the world has gone mad) images a day. So I have always looked for tools to help me with some of the repetitive tasks within my daily workflow.

I first started coding/scripting when I discovered Applescript (god knows how long ago) and realised that it could hold the key for me to write my own scripts/apps where I could find none for these tasks.

Over the years I have expanded my knowledge to other languages but I would class myself as a jack of all trades rather than as a professional in any of the languages I have dabbled with;
Objective - C,

In part because I have a memory like a sieve.

The scripts and Applications I have written over the years are used every day in my work, to the extent that it would be very hard to do our job without them.

My approach to learning has always been to find a solution to a problem. Hence why I love being on this forum.

For me I not only get to help people but I get to learn doing it and then forget what I have learned and have to learn it again somewhere down the line. due that that memory I was speaking about. :grin:

It’s the way I like to learn , keep my brain active and I love the puzzle. Since joining these forums I guess I have become an advanced user in Hype, you all are the judge of that but I am always happy to help (as long as you show you are trying yourself )

What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used?
I am pretty sure it was a pencil and the pages of a notebook being flipped through… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey guys,

I'm Lucky, I'm from New Zealand and currently I'm working in Toronto Canada as an interactive designer.

I'm first an animator, and since flash is dying out I thought I'd give hype a shot and have been making some really fun stuff with it!

I originally started using Hype to make basic html5 ads, but I slowly transitioned into making more complex stuff and seeing how much of what flash used to do I can remake using Hype. Turns out quite a lot!
I've created a hype camera like the one that used to be used with flash

Some character animation experiments

A bunch of free stuff you can find on the forums as templates and a lot more.

I'd consider myself advanced, previously my favourite tool was adobe flash which I used since 2003 but sadly that's something of an expired tool now. My first animation tool was... I'm pretty sure it was either flash 4 or Pivot Stick Figure software.

Favourite animated film is Mindgame



Well, I guess it’s time to step up to the mic!!

My name is Darren but on here you all know me a DBear. (Cat’s out of the bag).

And I would say that home is South Wales in the UK. However, I haven’t lived there for a while. I’ve been living in Spain, France and Italy. Soon to be Austria. I am native English / Welsh and can speak Spanish, French and Italian. At what level depends on how many drinks I’ve had. :smile:

I picked up on Hype pretty late in the game (mid 2015) so unfortunately not a seasoned veteran, but, I think I can consider myself an advanced user. I’ve been using it quite a lot.

I first started out with Adobe’s suite of tools way back when but as with most I’ve since left them where they are to gather dust. I’m definitely an avid Hype user now. Looking forward I think I’ll be using it more and more and especially now that I’m considering a change of career path into commercial developing. You see, my day job isn’t what you would call “related” to Hype as … I’m a musician / award winning Songwriter. Have been and will be for a long while but I like designing / developing on the side and have been doing that for the last 8 years as a kinda hobby.

If you were wondering what kinda music. This is just a sample! I do all kinds.


I also teach English in company which explains the different locations.

I have done many things with Hype (some of which you can see here) but I will be posting a lot more soon. I am working on an animation / video learning site using Hype to explain all the many nuances working with Hype creates. Also to showcase some killer animations made using Hype.

This is a recent example

My favourite animated film has to be anything done by Pixar. Also respect has to go to some of Disney’s masterpieces.


My name is MichelangeloAgostinetto and I live in italy.
I studied at the Art school in Verona and the Architecture University in Venice.

  • Italian
  • More than one work
  • Several projecs made wit Hype
  • Developer with multiple skills and competencies, with particular skills in responsive design and UI interfaces.
  • My favorite software is 3D studio Max
  • My first love for 3Dstudio version 4 and Flash (macromedia)
  • Film Thron 1980

I first started developing some years ago with Web Templates, and other Web applications and I’m quite skilled in css and responsive layouts.

I have widened my knowledge to other softwares, 2d and 3d vector drawing and renderings, photo editing softwares and so on.

I’m also a photographer ( my photoblog ) and I set up also an agency with some professional. Apps for kids and services for companies.

About Hype:
I love this software and I use Hype in a lot of projects
I made an app with Hype. an educational project for everyone.
Available in english and italian, for IOS and Android

My new idea focuses on an Intuitive, unconventional approach– a literally brand new kind of approach for your fingertips.
A whole package for an unconventional experience in culture and learning.
High definition close-up images of architectural elements (I used several lenses and particular techniques)
3D panoramas and 3D model of the Arch. embedded in Hype
Moreover a couple of Games for learning about architecture while having fun :slight_smile:

I’m also working on a new app, another guide made with Hype Pro with extras content and interactive scenes.

Recently I created a new website named “hypedocks” that is a new resource to find out works made with hype.
Amazing job with some great developers of this community

I made some templates. My favorites is AppleClassic :smile:

Now I’m focusing on Web development and design specializing in HTML5 animation and web temaplates.

more to come…


Hello, my name is Hans-Gerd Claßen and i’m working for a german newspapercompany located in aachen.

We discovered hype with version 2 and mostly use it in common with adobe dps apps.

My personal approach going along with hype is to have fun and learn. :slight_smile:

Last funproject was the pacman.


I am the Tutorial Doctor

I am a learner/teacher and independent game developer

I have made a few personal projects with Hype and am looking forward to make tutorials and demos with Hype. I will create a github repository soon.

I am an intermediate programmer in Python and a somewhat novice at HTML, CSS, and Javascript (used it some but wasn’t a part of my learning goal until now.

Hype is my favorite design and animation tool.

The first animation tool I used was an app called pencil.

My favorite animated film is Toy Story.

Thank you for this awesome software!


I thought I’d say hi!

I’m Jonathan Deutsch, the founder of Tumult (as in Tumult Hype ;)).

I’m a software engineer by schooling and trade, but dabble a little in building businesses and art.

San Francisco is my home.

English is my native language. Despite my last name, I do not speak any German aside from a few words like biergarten, kaesespaetzle, and danke.

I have not made too much with Hype. I started working on Hype because I wanted to make an interactive site to show off photos from Europe and found hand-coding HTML5 too tedious. Hype still doesn’t have all the features I want to do this.

I’d call myself advanced, though am constantly shocked at the techniques users come up with that I would not have envisioned.

My favorite design tool other than Hype is Interface Builder (part of Xcode).

The first interaction tool I used was HyperStudio running on System 7. Hype takes a lot of inspiration from my middle school memories of that app.

My favorite animated film is Revolutionary Girl Utena, but even I’ll admit it makes no sense


hi there!
my name is thomas strmiska. i´m from austria. i studied graphic design for 4 years, then 5 years drums, percussion and keys. my goal always was to connect design and music without relying on anybody. starting working with apple classic II (no harddrive!), changing floppy-discs every time :laughing:, i learned a lot of software during the past years.
in developing of apps i found my approach. as german native speaker it was and still is today very hard to bite through english manuals about html5, css3, javascript, php, … :alien:’$??
but hype 1.5 was my best choice to save time in coding, animating and inserting music.
while still having troubles with javascript i developed a lot apps for children for a publishing company, based in austria,
all made with hype.
… and its getting better and better - don´t stop - let it flow …




I’m Gerfried from Austria. I used to be a software engineer and I’m currently managing eLearning projects. I’m building an online barista training and I believe in online courses which are very interactive. This is what I bought Hype for. While, as a former software developer, I could do it all manually, that would take way too much time and therefore wouldn’t lead anywhere. I’m hoping to accomplish more with less time using Hype. The project is going up here, but I’m still building, so I will post more concrete links once I have things to show. I’m currently trying to make it easy for learners to intuitively understand coffee parameters (see screenshot).

My native language is German.
I’m definitely an animation beginner (unless you count experience with blender as a teenager 15 years ago), and not a designer at all, but I’m ok with the technical aspects of all this.
As I’m getting to know Hype better, I’ve started making screencasts of my progress and am considering putting the material up as an online course eventually. Due to my background, it would probably have more of an eLearning/interactive tools aspect than other courses. We shall see :slight_smile:


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Time to present myself, since I started to write on this forum months ago without doing it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Who are you?
My name is Francesco Marino, I define myself as a 360° CREATIVE MIND: I feel no limits to what I can do, I’m hungry of knowledge and always in need to try new tools and techniques, that’s why I suggest people to look at my CV/Portfolio as a reflection of my real potential and future evolutions. :wink:

What is your industry/profession?
My first love was pure programming, learned during my IT studies in high school but web and mobile technologies were my later choice for my degree in Web & Multimedia.
The need of expressing and transmitting emotions developed in me a strong ability in story-telling and visual arts like photography, motion graphic and video-making.
My natural tendency to perfectionism and minimalism pushed me to learn more about design and especially UI-UX, defining along with Web Animation my current focus.

Where do you call home?
I’m born in the North of Italy but I never felt home there, right now I’m living in Barcelona, which I love, but I still have some doubts about what to call “home”… :sweat_smile:

What is your native language?
I’m Italian but I speak fluent English (I lived in Oslo, Hong Kong and The Philippines) and good Spanish (right now I’m living in Barcelona).

What have you made/planning on using Hype for?
In my last job I made a web interactive presentation for improving the marketing impact of the company, you can find it here (scroll a bit): https://www.behance.net/gallery/28262511/Social-Beyond

I recently updated my website with a new UI, it’s responsive so please check it also in a mobile, but I still have a lot of work to do and many ideas to implement: www.360FUN.net

I also made other things, like an interactive mockup for a UI-UX game designer test…but those are not final products so for now I prefer to stop here. :wink:

Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced?
I’m a beginner in terms of time, I’m a novice in terms of job done but I prefer to consider myself an advanced since I’ve a strong background/knowledge in all the fields involved into the creation of an Hype project: programming, design and animation.

What’s your favourite design/animation tool (Other than Hype)?
I worked with Adobe Flash but I never like it too much since I’m for web standards…I definitely prefer Adobe After Effects, but is a different field…

What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used? (Analog OR digital!)
I think Microsoft Power Point! ahahhahah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What is your favorite animated film?
Without any doubts “The Nightmare Before Christmas”: I love stop motion!!! :smiley:


Hello all,

  • My name is Gildas,
  • I am the owner/creator of a NPO (by cursus i am Dr. PhD. axed on 2 opposite fields/domains), but not about digital technology as webmaster or else!
  • I am living in Tokyo as an expat. and interested in “life”, i mean i dont want to be limited in one domain i see them in a systemic vision (what i learn, in any domains, will be useful for my global goals) :wink:
  • my native tongue is not english but can speak/understand some languages (i lived in Bcn, Portland, NY, Warsaw, France, and of course Japan)…
  • For my projects i needed a program to built websites which would be “limited” only by my imagination, i tried a lot and never found one great, (but it was before I tried Hype Pro) :wink:
  • I am completely not an “expert” or a power user, in term of website’s building (far from skills of ppl of this forum), completely not my domain, definitely a beginner, but the ergonomy of Hype let me do great things (right now i am into Parallax processes, and love the possibilities that i can do with it), so i am on the way, and confident, to build my 3 websites!
  • I tried others programs (as RapidWeaver, or Webaccapella…) but none of them were intuitive and helped me on what i want to do! Also i never found a “person” who could understand my vision of them from A to Z, so this is why i came to search “how to” as a DIY! And wanted to manage this part too and not depending of ppl, :wink:
  • I have tons of questions about “how to” and maybe optimizing my websites (right now they are definitely slow: 4 or 5s of charging time, compared to complex ones done by Hype, so need to solve it as i need to find solutions on including blog, forum, and MySQL data base), and pretty sure to find answers by reading the topics and posts of all of you!
  • I dont put links of my websites cause it is not the time now, i will when they will be interesting to see (finishing parallax studies right now, will implant it to them)

Thx for reading,

NB: oh also FLASH is definitely my “kryptonite”: i hate using it and my mac too :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


My name is Greg
I am a graphic designer
Geneva / Switzerland
I speak French (so sorry for my crappy english)
Starting to prepare ads for our clients in Watchmaking and my curiosity, hope I can find answers to all the question I have.
I am a novice
Nothing I tried was intuitive enough, I ve practiced Flash a bit but made me sick. Specialist in Photoshop/Illustrator though
Keynote I guess


Hello boys and girls. Happy Wednesday. It’s a real pleasure to have found you all. I’m a 37 year old Creative Director from the U.S. but currently living in a village in Tirol, Austria. I’ve been working in interactive since around '96, first as a webmaster (of course) and later as a designer, UX, producer and many other things. Unfortunately I lost a bit of my dev skills along the way. Whippings allowed. I’ve had Hype for a couple of years, but I’ve just started really learning and using it, mainly for HTML5 banner ad creation. I’m super stoked to have a community and I look forward to being an active part and meeting more of you.

Andrew Allen
Design Agency
English, but I speak a little German
Banners, banners, banners…and a few banners after that. Oh, boy!
Favorite tool is Sketch
First interaction tool was notepad.
Fav non-animated film: The Tin Drum


Who are you?
Jim Scott - Hello to All… new to Hype (late January 2016).

What is your industry/profession?
Media Synthesis. Began with graphic design using a Mac Plus - circa 1987.

Where do you call home?
Napa Valley, California - just north of San Francisco.

What is your native language?

What have you made with Hype – or what are you planning on using Hype for?
For my first assignment with Hype (or any HTML animation program) it seemed best to start with something simple & straightforward: I’ve been hired to “translate” into HTML5 an award winning Flash-based interactive documentary: “Becoming Human” - created approximately 15 years ago for the Institute of Human Origins - founded by paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson, the discoverer of “Lucy” (Australopithecus afarensis). Over two thousand unique elements (graphics, images, text fields, soundtracks, object movies, etc.) went into the original production, all beautifully done and cutting edge for the technology of the day.

Below is the opening screen for the new HTML5 version of the Documentary…

To view the Flash version of the documentary please see:

Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced?

What’s your favorite design/animation tool (Other than Hype)?
Apple’s Motion app; power wrapped in an easy to use interface. I believe that Hype, as it evolves, could borrow many of Motion’s productivity conventions re: the timeline.

What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used? (Analog OR digital!)
Analog: Puppets + a puppet “theater” opened a whole new world of expression when I was 3.
Digital: HyperCard. Still a touchstone for me of an innovative, elegant program. But HyperTalk itself was the real achievement (thank you Dan).

What is your favorite animated film?
No favorite. The animated sequence (camera+models) of the flight to the space station in “2001: A Space Odyssey” is brilliant - even today.


Who are you?
The name is Dennis van Leeuwen. Born Dutch (Netherlands), but have been living in Germany for over 10 years. Illustrating and making it come to life is what I like. But I don’t spend enough time with it.

Here are some images:
It’s me working on a childs face.

Here is a finished portrait. I think I am influenced of the cartoones I saw in the 80’s.

And an unfinished quickdrawing half colored.

He-Man drawing style. :wink:

What is your industry/profession?
I work in the advertisement industry. Do it for myself. Work for a company called Hirschen Group GmbH in Germany. And together with a partner I am starting up xmuse.it. It’s a Widget-Producing company that sells it digital products via Envato for Adobe’s quickest growing software atm. called Muse. It just released it’s responsive version. I personally think we are still in Beta. But the team and engineers at Adobe thought it’s ready. I have been testing software for a long time. And Adobe products are a known topic of mine. But me (Marketing, UI, Design and Documentation) and Tobias (Programming and Financing) have been in development for almost 1 year now. Our segments is specialized in animation, interactions. Bringing this to Adobe Muse with ease. I looked at all the products made and always found them too complex for non coders to understand. Even Designers think different. I looked at it for 2 years and thought – no, no, no, no. Need to grab me a programmer and steer this.

It also explains my absence here. :slight_smile: Back to my profession: My first job was in 1995 as a Desktop Publisher. Worked with many Adobe, Quark and Macromedia products over the years. Even Coreldraw, Micosoft products. Over the years my trade has evolved in Desktop Publisher – Print & Digital.
That means, I produce the following:

  • All Print products ready for printing, embossing, punch production.
  • Color corrections Print & Digital images
  • Post production on images. (I once had to build Gisele Bündchen from 3 different pictures. I don’t have to rights to show it.)
  • Produce online banners (I hope a lot more with Hype)
  • Produce digital outdoor advertisement (motion graphics, storytelling)
  • Frontend landing pages
  • Social media apps and advertisement
  • EPUB (digital magazines/app)

Where do you call home?
I call home the place inside my head where no one can reach me. Best combined with a headset and trance music on. Look at me back then:

What is your native language?
I don’t believe in one native language. But to answer this question: Dutch.

What have you made with Hype – or what are you planning on using Hype for?
I think about 87 Banners now. I would like to produce more but time is not on my side and I am a visual person. Coding doesn’t give me a clear view of what I need to see. So I tend to get lost often. I need to draw what I want and see its function before I can code it. I think the right term is flowchart. That can get messy sometimes. :sweat_smile:

What is on the horizon?
Info graphics, small animations, even book or workshops are on the roadmap. I like illustrating and making it come to live. I have this small website of a friend of mine. It has a lovely animation at the start. Was made back then in Adobe’s Edge Animate CC.

Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced?
Always a beginner. After each goal I see the next one.

What’s your favorite design/animation tool (Other than Hype)?
Pencil and paper and my fantasy. That doesn’t always come together with what I can produce inside a software tool.

What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used? (Analog OR digital!)
My first OS was MS DOS (age 7) and later QBasic form Microsoft. And I remember after booting I used PCPaint.

What is your favorite animated film?
Pete’s Dragon. Elliot (the Dragon) just has the right language for anything.


Hi all. I am Anders, illustrator/painter/writer and sometimes even bus driver, living in Stockholm. Native language Swedish, plus English, French and German, in that order.
Used Hype for some time, but still learning. My web site is a Hype thing, not responsive but small. (www.epx.se) Now building a Hype only responsive web site for an old 600 mm railroad club, and ran into a problem, see below…
I used (and teached) Flash a lot, but Hype is much better.
I am not a programmer, I recognize and know how to steal and sometimes alter some code, but can’t write JavaScript myself. CSS and HTML is ok. I publish all with Dreamweaver.
I am a dedicated Mac user since 1988 and used/teached/beta tested/reviewed Illustrator, Photoshop, Painter (still have it’s predecessor Sketcher on an os9 Mac…) all from their first versions up to most current. Used Wacom Cintic, today iPadPro and Pencil, nice products!
Will not forgive Adobe for killing Dimensions, the old french vector 3D app Satellite, that ended up as a lame 3D filter in Illustrator, with no 3D object export, no morphing etcetera… But I keep a copy of Dimensions for those interested! And Hyper Card, my first interaction tool. Today I use Hyper Dither for the cool B/W raster image effects, try it, very HyperCardish!
My favorite animated film? That’s easy: Geri’s Game.

My urgent need now: Want to go to a specific time in another scene. How is that done?
Tried to add a second action to a button in scene A:

1.Go to scene B
2.Go to time blabla in main timeline

But no show… Maybe a timing problem?
Really need to do this! Any help much appreciated!