Element placement issues


I am Greg.
I am French and I live in Singapore.
Hype is nice but really annoying.
When you copy/paste, sometime there is a little offset on the placement of a font, although the coordinates are exactly the same. it is making the font actually jump a tiny bit when jumping from/to similar layout…
Is there a fix out there? is it related to the use of google font? the offset of course isn’t of a pixel so I can’t even fix it with tweaks like I did sometimes…

Can you share an example and steps to reproduce?

Yes, you can go here billgreg.net, and check the Ask for, it is moving a tiny bit from scene to scene…

I recommend copying and pasting the text element itself – not selecting the text with a cursor. Can you try that?

actually it is a persistent symbol, I am pasting the whole thing with animation contained inside.
and it seems to be fine after several reexport and refresh in safari… weird.
Also, I installed fonts on my mac with the same name as the google one I am using (Roboto), and it replaced in my scenes without a warning, changing size and shape of font…
I am quite familiar with 3dsmax maxscript, I would like some kind of scripting tools for automating the layout creation/update, by copying the elements properties from one scene to all with simple code.
Right now I was struggling with layout for iPhone being very different from desktop, and kind of solved it by calling another document inside the main one which has more layout for phone but it is not loading the html before animating the scene, is there a code for waiting for the embedded document to be loaded to start animating?
Your soft is great by the way, I think I am trying to use it for layout when t is actually only meant for animations…

Also, is there anyway to avoid the bouncing behaviour of the sliding elements or even the whole page? It is very annoying.
I guess it is an iOS locked behaviour, but it doesnt cost much to ask…

postMessage() is a way for communicating from iFrame to parent (btw. enables also cross-origin requests)

so window.onload or document.ready you could post a message to the iFrames’ parent which then executes an animation or anything else …

This would make a good tip & trick if you have the time… :+1:

Try putting this in the HTML head of your Hype project…

html {
	body {
		width: 100%;
		overflow: hidden;