Website made in Hype - cyberpunk, 3D, flash-alike, drag around, endless scroll…

Hello everyone.

I want to share with you my last website made in Hype.
Four years ago when I signed up for this forum, I did not expect to be here.

Even though I refer to it as my project, in reality, it would not have been possible without the help of the content from this forum and the direct support from @MaxZieb , @jonathan , @h_classen , @MarkHunte any many others and also the assets (images, video, 3D elements, animations) created by a really amazing project team .


Description of the project:
The website it is about an NFT project and today is official the last day of the project started around 17 months ago. And as the NFT collection involves futuristic 3D art, cyberpunk, and a multiplayer-ready multiverse, the website was an intention to reflect this aspect.

Goals and inspiration:
Being a project about innovation, the main goal was to have a website that is different in terms of both appearance and user experience.
The search for inspiration was Behance, Dribbble, and Medium, but with something new: e.g. do all the websites scroll vertically or horizontally? Why not have an endless scroll that showcases the full content? Additionally, include drag and drop functionality for the curious types. And this is just one of the "be different" ideas.

Implementation challenges:
As it was involved a big number of files files and animations, I had to use a more powerful computer than usual. Another challenge was the differences in interpretation in browsers or older vs. newer OS versions. Surely, there was also my lack of know-how to apply some specific actions or understand why something wasn't functioning as expected. :upside_down_face:

Hype usage and tips/tricks:
I extensively read the messages on the forum, reached out directly to specific users, and used ChatGPT for small tricks, such as checking if the user had rotated their phone using JavaScript.

Other information:
The version does not include tablet functionality and requires a powerful computer for a smooth experience. For not so powerful computers there is a special menu with an option to disable some big video and animations. Additionally, the mobile version loads separately using a redirect.

Thank you Tumult Hype team for the opportunity, and thanks again to those who offered support.



You are geniuses!

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That's nuts :+1:

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Amazing to see this finally out there, congratulations! It's visually stunning and I personally am in love with the cyberpunk aesthetic.

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Holy cow this is ambitious and well executed!


I'm still very new to XY, but what I've seen here has impressed me deeply.

Really great work, insanely good illustrations, and even really good music.

I wouldn't have thought something like this was possible with hype. I'm sure it will take me many years before I can make something half as good. :+1: :+1: :+1: