Website loading

Hello ,
the load time of the website is huge.
It seems that all the website is loading , so you have to wait 2 mn before have the homepage.

Also , and I think it’s connected by the same issue, when a video is displayed on a “scene”, the sound is continuing when a new scene is loaded ( not in another window)

Any ideas ?
Thank you very much !

Checkout this post which has some help on optimizing large projects: Decreasing load times and optimizing performance: Preparing a Large project in Hype.

There’s a few ways to stop video elements when switching scenes. Here’s one but you can search for your favorite in the forums search: Stopping Video When Changing Scenes

Hy Daniel , unfortunatly , I can’t make it work … I think it’s working
with Vimeo , but not with you tube embed video.
I use this method :

thank you for your support

Check out this solution which is specific for Youtube videos: How to display a youtube video after stopping

The method you’re using above searches the ‘video’ class to pause any videos with that class using the HTML5 video api (standard video, not Youtube video).

mmh ok , I’m sorry , it seems to be a bit complicated… and I don’t get
witch part is really associated with my issue,
wich is : stop a youtube video when scene changes.
i’m sorry with my english.
Thank you for your support