Walk cycle using Hype 3 basic shapes and symbols

I worked on this during the beta.
It is possible to animate a frame by frame walk cycle with hype tools.
with a little fine tuning the possibilities are out there for some really unique Hype animation.



Great. I’ve been looking for an efficient solution for a frame by frame animation work around. How did you do it?

I have attached my .hype document
Basically it is simple shapes grouped moved frame by frame
then the entire timeline animation is saved as a symbol for re-use in other scenes or timelines.

Additional steps to make this even more interesting.
Each Hype element is a container so you can “fill” them with your own drawings of arms legs etc etc.
and then you have a rigging structure of sorts for doing frame by frame animation.

The new Symbols features are an added bonus for this since I can make re-uesable rigs all over an animation.

Lastly I added 2 timeline actions to keep it moving in a loop.

Hype_walk_cycle copy.hype.zip (38.1 KB)

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