Visual alignment off on app art board

I have been having issues with the visual alignment while building sites. As you can see in the image below, the text and images are offset and go outside the bounding box of the object. I have been having this issue since the last app update.

I have reinstalled the app a few times. That did not help either. Any suggestions would be helpful.

i’d check margin, padding and external css …

I have checked everything. It is all set to 0px. there is no external css running. Everything is local to file. Anything else I can try?


Can you attach a simple test document? Not sure what this might be…

Here ya go.I pasted just one of the panels i was having issues with. All images and text have the strange offset.

Thanks so much for your sleuthing efforts. Hopefully it’s something easy.

D. (136.0 KB)

Interesting… it appears the border width of the main containing group "icon_band_dark"is offsetting things. If the border is set to zero everything lines up.

Fig.1 - Border width of the group “icon_band_dark” is set to (12, 6, 12, 6). Note that the Text Box in the Symbolicon_panel_sun_button”(which for illustrative purposes is here stroked in a 1 pixel white border) is offset from its containing “matrix”.


Fig. 2 - Border width of the group “icon_band_dark” is set to “0” all around. The Text Box in the Symbolicon_panel_sun_button” is now properly aligned with its containing “matrix”.


Sorry, this is a known bug. If a group has a border inner item selection will be off.

That fixed it. Thanks so much for your efforts. Good to know moving forward.

Btw… I have been using Hype since it first came out. Awesome product. I am amazed at how many people are still unaware of the power and flexibility. I have been evangelizing your app since day 1. Keep up the good work.



Glad to hear that :smile: and big thanks for helping spread the word!

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