Virtual keyboard capabilities?

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Hello all,

I am a new user to Hype and have a beginner level understanding of javascript and app development in general.

Our team has a client that needs to integrate a virtual keyboard into our Hype document. Is this possible?

I have a code generated from this site:

I just have no clue how to add or make this work if it is even a possibility??

Any help regarding the matter would be greatly appreciated!!!

Virtual keyboard for use with Textareas

You would include all the ‘includes’ which are currently in the ‘head’ area of that demo into the Head area of your Hype document. You can edit the contents of the … of your exported .html file by clicking on ‘Edit HTML Head’ in the Document Inspector.

You can then use the same code used in the demo to instantiate your virtual keyboard. Just create a rectangle, and add the code for whichever keyboard you’d like in the inner HTML. Edit the Inner HTML of a rectangle by selecting it, and clicking Edit > Edit Inner HTML.

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Thanks for the help Daniel!




This example by @MarkHunte has a demo document, for others looking to build this: Virtual keyboard for use with Textareas