Vimeo video triggers timeline start

I have a vimeo video embedded in a scene. I have added 2 “pop-up” buttons that show up at designated times over the video. I have tried syncing the button timeline with the the video. But since loading times vary so much, i can’t seem to get them synced.

I have read through the vimeo APIs and can see how an event listener can trigger a function when a certain time is reached in the video. I’m just not quite good enough to write the code.

this is how i see it working:

  • Add event listener that returns the current time of the video as it plays
  • When the video reaches 20secs a js function is triggered
  • the js trigger tells the “button1” timeline to start

This will happen at both 20 secs and 72 secs.

Here is the url for the page:
The video slides down when you click the “watch the video” button in the second section.

I can upload the project file if need be. Any help would be appreciated.


Maybe one of these might help:

@MaxZieb. The first suggestion worked like a charm! You really saved my ars on this one. I was pulling out what little hair I have left.

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