Vimeo video triggers timeline

My understanding is that browsers have started to block background videos from auto playing.

I have embedded a Vimeo video with a play button and I want a timeline to begin when the user presses play.

You would need to create a custom button that does two things:

You can usually get a video play automatically without user intervention, but browsers are disallowing the unprompted playback of videos with audio. So if you mute your videos and set them to autoplay, they should play (unless the user has set a low bandwidth setting on their mobile browser).

So you would use these properties to get a video to play automatically and muted if it was a video element in Hype:

For vimeo, you would just need to make sure it is muted if you'd like to autoplay it.

Thanks Daniel, it works well if I embed the vide rather than stream it which should be fine as Im really after a solution for playing background videos with no audio.

This might also help using the Vimeo API and the background option and starts a timeline in sync. Has a slight jiggle when syncing at the beginning I couldn’t iron out, though.



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thanks Max