Video inside Hype widgets inside Muse?

(Rory Henderson) #1

Hello all, I am currently on the trial version of Hype (I plan to buy pro if I get this sorted!), I am a graphic designer with no background in code, so I may be missing something stupid.

I am trying to use an OAM exported from Hype in an Adobe Muse document that I will put on a business catalyst server (I mention this as I believe it means I cannot upload files or html directly, just what I see in Muse, correct me if I’m wrong).

The OAM shows up inside Muse, and if I preview it in my browser, but there are blank spaces where there would be video. The OAM appears to have the content, at around 50mb (I used mp4, ogg and webm), so after looking around I think it may be because I use java script actions to control the video files.
I tried inserting the html directly (worth trying) by copying and pasting the code but this does not work (nothing in previews, the only error is ‘unable to generate thumbnails’).

Do you know a way around this?
Is there a way to control the playing and pausing of video without java script?
I have access to Dreamweaver and Adobe Animate if this helps, but no experience in code.

Thanks in advance,
Rory Henderson

(zip file doesn’t want to upload at the moment, will try again later)


That’s odd – I just did a quick test with a video in Hype, and it seems to work well for me (warning, there are cows)

  1. Drag and drop mp4 into Hype
  2. File > Export as OAM
  3. Drag and drop OAM into Muse
  4. Publish to Business Catalyst.

Would be great to see your video or the URL you uploaded your Muse file to – can’t think what this might be.


One thought – I recommend trying to keep spaces out of the name of your OAM export name and your video filename – that may be causing an issue where the video file cannot be found. Let me know if that fixes things for you.

(Rory Henderson) #4

Thanks for the quick response.
So I guess I was stupid for not checking it when exported but only in the preview modes.
Here’s the url with just the oam embedded,
the videos are appearing which is good thank you (if you are viewing click the bar on the left to start the first timeline). However it does not appear how it does in hypes browser preview, videos playing at the wrong time, some overlapping, etc. I hope this is due to me using safari on mac and/or bad internet connection.

(your video works perfectly however, so I was thinking it could also be because of the javascript as I read here (Howto: Embedding an OAM widget within Adobe Muse) what you wrote about javascript but its highly possible I’m misunderstanding)

Thanks again, was stupid of me to dismiss it as not working after only previewing and not publishing, needed you to point out the obvious

(Rory Henderson) #5

If you are still interested I have shared the oam, hype and html on mega;!4ZxGFb5a!4ZzbRyXjZ_wWcQ3rUreGiK8fsfY6SqItwSeU2V0XPbk!1MgUnIbR!FACBYI504ZXvoMcLTD5Pf2K16dGtcrkVxmtiGdgxblc

(Rory Henderson) #6

I made a test site to see if I could pin the problem, but I can now assume that it is the combination of larger file size and bad internet causing inconsistencies between preview in hype and what is seen online.
The scenes that had multiple layers of videos struggled the most.
So it seems like the solution would be to add a preloader, but after reading around and experimenting I cannot see a way in which I could embed this into an .oam?
I am also looking into otherwise of uploading to business catalyst.