Howto: Embedding an OAM widget within Adobe Muse



Tumult Hype Professional supports exporting a OAM widget, which allows you to easily drop your animation into Adobe Muse.

Hype Animation Behavior in a Muse Project

An OAM widget is simply a zipped up export of your Tumult Hype document, with a few additional XML properties included in the package. Documents are displayed as an iframe within your Muse Project. This means that the document is insulated within its own frame. Placing your document within a frame means that you need to take a few things into consideration:

  • Links: If you have links in your Tumult Hype document to other URLs, use this technique to open links in the parent window
  • JavaScript: You won’t be able to control the Hype document with JS on the parent page (the page you’re embedding on). You’ll need to embed a regular DIV (not an iframe) to accomplish that. Follow these instructions to embed your Tumult Hype document on an HTML page.

Note: Export using a lowercase filename. To ensure the best compatibility with your server, use a name like ‘mydocument’ to export, not ‘MyDocument’.

Embedding the Hype Div

To embed a regular div, first get your document on the web. Next, use an Absolute URL to place your Tumult Hype document within a Code Block in Muse. This Video shows how to get an absolute URL once your Tumult Hype document uploaded.

Responsive Embeds

When embedding a responsive document, simply drag the sides of your Hype-exported OAM widget to the edges of your Muse document and ensure that the bounding box’s edge becomes red.

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