Using Hype Javascript in my Customized Javascript Outside of Hype

(Sean) #1

Hey Hypers,
I’m creating accordion in a html widget, and I’m trying to get the scene title and pass into the html widget so I can display the right data within the html widget. I’ve created a javascript within hype by calling the currentSceneName function but I’m having trouble calling that function in my customized javascript outside of Hype.

(Nick ) #2

Can you post the Hype file so we can see what is going on?

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #3

you’ll need to handle a window.parent as target to grab data. depth is up to your doc-construct …
have a look over here: thread

or may be read / write some data to sessionstorage …


You can set your Scene name as a variable attached to the window by running this function:

window.TitleOfDocument = hypeDocument.currentSceneName();

Then, you can use this variable anywhere you want in the same window: window.TitleOfDocument

(Andrew) #5

You can also use sessionStorage to store information, and when the window is closed, the session ends, and is removed.