Upload Hype files to drag ´n drop websites (Weebly,etc)

(I don´t write code)
Can I upload my Hype interactive video to a drag n drop website builder like Weebly?
In Weebly we can´t upload ftp files so we have to do it trough the CSS/HTML tag, but since my files might include music, videos, etc. I´m not sure how to do that.

Any recommendation for simple website builders that can upload Hype 3.5 interactive videos?

Hi Juan

Essentially your HYPE HTML output is a link to a Javascript file and a copy of your Head HTML (i have simplified this)

So, if you can add HTML and possibly edit your HEAD HTML then I don’t see how you can’t add a HYPE animation to your weebly site.

However, you will need to host your HYPE files somewhere. Options are Dropbox, Webserver, Amazon … etc anywhere you can host files. That way you just have to use the code with a link to your Javascript file (the one produced after you export to HTML) with the full URL.

Thanks, but I couldn’t do much since the process was not described in simple steps. I find it very difficult to use Hype 3 documentation. Create html 5 videos with Hype is great, but so far useless since I can’t upload what I’ve designed.
I’ve read and tried using Google Sites, Wix, etc with the methods described here Exporting FAQ: Guides for exporting to Websites, Apps, Content Management Systems, and more But I couldn’t get anything done. I think one of the problem is that the documentation given in Hype 3.5 assumes users are developers and not simple designers.

Hi Juan

Here are some videos explaining the process of uploading Hype projects if that helps:

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the process in Weebly and cannot give you a detailed step by step instructions on how to achieve what you want but as stated previously, you should upload your Hype documents to a file server (dropbox for example) and then use the “code” that is given in the .html file that is exported in Hype (it should be labelled but the videos below will give more information) and place this code with the full URL to your .js script file (again this is the generated file from export in Hype) into your Weebly area.

  • Exporting and Uploading

  • Embedding in an existing HTML website:

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