Updated to version 3.6.5 lost my svg images

Hello there. Just updated to your version 3.6.5 and now all the .svg in the document are not visible anymore. Do you know what is happening?

Can you share a hype document?

How do you want to share that? dropbox? need your email address

Here it is

Can you add this to a zip file before dragging it into your reply?

Also, if you have an export you can recover it: Restore project from .plist (Recovering a lost .hype document)

I hope it is uploaded

Is there a max upload? I get to 100% uploaded and then nothing seems to be there

The file I want to send you is 60.3 MB

Yes, there is a max upload of around 3MB. As @Daniel has mentioned you can restore a document from an export (if you have exported it) but maybe also use the Help>Restore an issue… in Hype menu bar to send it to the team at Tumult.

If you can share it here as a Dropbox shareable link that would be good and if you need it to be private then just click on a users picture here and click “Message” where it becomes a private conversation.

link is in a PM

I had an issue where my svg wouldn’t load because I by accident dragged an EPS file into my Project. Just a shot into the dark. Best regards

Thanks. I saw that I had a file with an .ai extension that I deleted.

Having looked at your document. I see all SVG’s there but the header background is a different size. I unchecked “Remove when no longer referenced” for this “Header1.svg” and then deleted from the scene and then dragged it back in to the scene and positioned accordingly.

This is what it then looked like which I am assuming was the intention.

Other than this all SVG’s seem to be loaded.