Restore project from .plist (Recovering a lost .hype document)

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I did something stupid when consolidating my project files. I exported in advanced with Restorable… selected so now I’m trying to restore the project from the .plist. Is it possible and how?

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Hi @theron_hp

This is a section of the documentation that refers to the recovery process.

It may differ slightly as this refers to downloading the info from a server whereas you might have it on a local machine. In any case it’s the same procedure:

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Document Recovery

By default, Tumult Hype exports a recovery file from which the original Hype document can be recreated. This file is never downloaded by users viewing your document online, so it does not impact download times. Also, the file name is randomized per-document, so that it’s not easy for someone else to download and recreate your source Tumult Hype document.

If you have lost your source Hype document, you can recover it by following these steps:

  1. Download the exported “.hyperesources” folder.
  2. Choose Help > Restore Document from Export and select the “.hyperesources” folder.
  3. Choose where to save your recovered document.

The recovery process re-creates your source Hype document based on what was exported. If "Automatically optimize when exporting" is checked for images, the scaled down version will be only recoverable image available. The recovery process is no replacement for a true back up system; please use a back up system like Time Machine to protect your valuable data.

If for some reason you don’t want restorable document data included in your exports, disable this behavior by deselecting the “Create restorable document file when exporting” option in Hype’s General preferences or in the Advanced Export pane.

Please note that the above technique is for Tumult Hype 2.5.3+. If you are recovering an older version please contact us.


Thank you very much everyone. This is really helpful.

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Thanks! This was very useful!

Brilliant ! Save a lot of time. Thank you !

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